Food at Camp Bestival 2017

It’s hard to believe that it’s been two weeks since Camp Bestival already. We’ve recently been thinking about the great food at Camp Bestival and wishing we were back there enjoying a DJ BBQ burger.

We noticed that one of the most popular things people asked us about attending Camp Bestival was, “What is the food like at Camp Bestival?”. So each year we attended we have tried to write about the food we ate. We thought by our 4th year we’d have shared our favourites, but as there is simply so much to sample at Camp Bestival that we found some new tasty bites to eat.

DJ BBQ – I have wanted to eat something from this stall every single year, but they always managed to sell out the day I decided to visit. This year I took advantage of the rain and headed over when there was a smaller queue. I’m glad I did because the following day the queue was massive. I was chuffed to finally get to sample a DJ BBQ Piggback burger and am confident that is the best burger I have ever eaten. They don’t just offer burgers either, if chicken is your thing they have specials on the menu and some amazing tasty treats I promised myself I would try next time.

DJ BBQ with friends food

DJ BBQ Piggback Burger Food

DJ BBQ food


photo credit – Camp Bestival


Anna Mae’s (Mac not Crack) – Macaroni and cheese sounds like such a simple offering, but my god Anna Mae’s mac and cheese does not come across as simple at all. Each year I make sure I have a filling pot of Kanye Western, which is delicious creamy cheesy macaroni topped with a cut up frankfurter, BBQ Sauce and some dried fried onions. DELICIOUS!

Anna Mae Food

kids eating food at camp bestival

Corn on the cob – This stall is always busy and is one we head for every year. This year was M’s first year trying lots of new foods at Camp Bestival, so it was great to see him chomping down on a couple of corn on the cobs during our weekend.

Corn on the cob food

Corn on the cob with food Camp bestival

Cawston Press – M was drawn to this stall thanks to the lovely samples they were offering passing festival goers. Without a fuss he took a chance and sampled some ginger beer. His face was a picture when he realised it wasn’t fizzy apply juice, but it was great to see him trying something new.

Cawstons Press and food

Dorset Farmers Market – We love the Dorset Farmers Market as we like to support local businesses due to living locally. M is always a fan of the strawberries on offer, whilst we enjoyed some Portuguese tarts and a coffee.

Farmers market Food

Farmers Market

Photo credit – Camp Bestival

Dorset Cereals – This stall was perfect for providing us with some snacks for those hangry moments. We are fans of Dorset Cereals and M is a HUGE granola lover, which meant he walked off with several of their complimentary samples.

Dorset Cereals Food

Higgidy – We were tempted here by the look of the pie our friends bought on Saturday evening, so Sunday lunch we decided it felt like time for a pie. Such generous portions kept us full up for the rest of the day. We both went for a slow cooked beef and red wine pie with a side of cheesy mash and gravy and it did not disappoint.

Higgidy Pie and Mash Food

Higgidy Pies Food

Shaken Udder – M and I were happy to see this stall near the Castle Stage again this year. We are both Milkshake fans and enjoyed a couple of chocolate milkshakes over the weekend. With three sizes and many flavours to choose from there is plenty on offer for the milkshake fan.

Milkshake Food

Mama, Milkshakes and food

Garlic Farm – If you are looking for the best garlic bread on site, then this stall is for you. Have it plain, cheesy with chorizo, or go for the works with chilli, mushrooms and rice.

Garlic Farm Food

Garlic Bread Food

There really is something for everyone at Camp Bestival including plenty of drinks, vegan eats and ice creams. We still haven’t scratched the surface of what’s on offer, even after 4 years.

Wine with friends and food

Ice cream dancing and food

ice cream and food

I love sausage food

Did you go to Camp Bestival this year? What was your favourite food at Camp Bestival?

Camp Bestival Eats

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  1. Elaine Betteridge Reply

    wow the burger sounds good! We got a burger from one of the stalls on the lower kids garden and it was amazing, definitely not your standard burger van! x

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