Friendships at three

When M was two we were concerned he didn’t really have many friends. Many people told us this wasn’t an issue as social development was something that came when children started school, so we accepted that friendships would just develop naturally. Since M turned 3, he’s become a little social butterfly and has already started to form some lovely friendships.


friendship hug

One of the friendships he’s started to develop is with a lovely little boy, son of two mums that we met through social media. Both boys have very similar interests, dinosaurs, diggers and roaring competitions. They have their own little conversations about things us adults don’t understand and they get on so well that it makes me smile whenever I see them together.

frienship den

friendship moments

Watching them together makes me wish we remembered as adults, what it’s like to have friendships at three. When you’re in a grump because you’ve been told off, your friend comes to give you a little cuddle. When you find something really cool to look at, your friend totally appreciates it and spends the next 5 minutes telling you how ace it is. Most importantly, when you fall out over something you don’t want to share, it’s easily forgotten 2 minutes later.

friendship helping

Something we always liked the idea of, was M having a friend who understood what it was like to come from a same sex parent family. But it’s not something we could ever force upon M. It’s his choice whom he makes friends with and we don’t want to segregate ourselves in to only socialising with LGBT families. So it’s such a pleasant surprise that M has found a fab little friend, who just happens to have a Mummy and a Mama too.

Friendship help

We are super lucky to not live too far from M’s little friend and get on really well with his mum’s (which is a bonus). I can’t wait to see their friendship grow as they do.

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  1. Innocent Charms Chats Reply

    Love this – I agree we can learn so much from the way our children act – we should take note and act the same way (maybe even the tantrums). Gorgeous boys xx

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