Frugi Dinosaur Duvet Cover – Review

A few months ago we moved to a new home, which is always very exciting. When we viewed the house for the first time, we had an immediate feeling that this was the place for our little family.

We have never really had a space we could decorate for our little man that was just his. So once the move was finalised we started thinking of ideas for Monkey’s bedroom. We spent hours searching through Pinterest thinking of different themes for his room. We wanted it bright and colourful and somewhere M would want to sit and play with his toys.

We just couldn’t chose between a space theme or a dinosaur room, so we decided to ask the man whom we were decorating it for which he liked best. Without hesitation, it was decided that a dinosaur themed bedroom would be perfect and we all started to get quite excited at the prospect of having this magical room that was just his.

frugi dino

It was all meant to be, as things usually are, -and only a couple of days after finalising the theme, we were offered a gorgeous Dinosaur Duvet Cover from Frugi, one of our favourite brands, so you can imagine how excited we were.

I’m extremely happy to say that we were not disappointed when it came. One of the reasons we love Frugi products so much is how they make them so special. You get a feeling of owning something you want to really take care of and keep forever. They send your purchases in a lovely brown paper package, which always makes me feel special, I have no idea how to explain why, it just does haha.

dino star

When we opened them up we were so happy, they are so bright and colourful and the dinosaurs are so clear. M can tell us the names of all the dinos on them and he was jumping around like a crazy little boy when we first saw them. They also come in a gorgeous little bag which we use to keep them in once they have been washed and are waiting to go back onto the bed.

dino fabric

The fabric is lovely and soft and washes extremely well. I like to change M’s sheets once a week so they have been through the washing machine at least 3 or 4 times now and they are still looking bright and feel just as soft as when we first received them. They are also a great fit, M has a single duvet cover in his bed and I have no problems when trying to get them on. They have bright little red buttons on the end to keep them secure, that go right to the end which I love as there is no fuss trying to get the corners of the duvet into the sheet. Simple little things like that make changing the bedding that much easier.

dino bed

M always feels very special when they are on the bed and we have had some tears when I’ve had to take them off to wash them. He requests that I put them straight back on the bed when they are ready.

Retailing at £59 they are a bit of a luxury item but I am certain they are going to last a very long time and would feel they were worth every penny, however with such items only time and more use will tell but we absolutely adore this bedding set and if we had a little extra money to splash out will certainly be buying another set when our older sheets start to show signs of wear.

We are part of the Frugi Family and were sent this fab duvet set for the purpose of this review. All views and opinions are our own.

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  1. Donna Wishart Reply

    Dinosaurs on one side and stars on the other?! Beautiful! I love the bright colours and didn’t know Frugi did bedding – off to have a look x

  2. Downs Side Up Reply

    If this cover is anything like the quality of their clothes it will last generations and 1000s of washes. Knowing it was ethical made and sourced does justify the price tag doesn’t it. Love the pattern.

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