The Frugi Family celebrates turning 10

When our little man arrived in to our lives we started a search for clothes that were not only comfortable for him, but also clothes that were cute, well made and made of natural materials. More and more people kept mentioning a lovely little company called Frugi, so we decided to investigate and boy were we impressed, not only did they tick all the boxes, they are even located in one of our favourite parts of the UK, Cornwall. Go check out their awesome graphic to learn more about how they got started.

When we heard they were turning ten we were excited to get involved with their celebrations and we were sent a little outfit for Monkey to celebrate in. With the warm weather approaching we thought it would be nice to choose a short sleeved lobster tee and some crawlers. We take M to the beach quite a lot and thought it was the perfect outfit to play on the sand in.


We love to dress our little man in bright colours, so the crawlers were perfect for him. They fit him really well and give him lots of room to move about in, which anyone with a 21 month old will know, room for movement is very important. At £18 these colourful trousers are a great price and wash up really well, we even managed to get a few food stains out of them, which I was worried wouldn’t come out.

The cuffs round the ankles are perfect at stopping little feet from being covered in excess trousers, as we always get clothes a little on the big side to allow M room to grow. The Crawlers are available in three colours and come with reinforced knee patches, perfect for crawling, climbing and knee skidding toddlers.



We felt the perfect tee to accompany our little man’s trousers, was a lobster tee. This little tee comes with some handy poppers on the shoulder to help when getting wriggly toddlers dressed. It is also super soft and gentle against M’s skin. Again this fab Frugi item went through the washing and came out looking brand new. At £16 this tee is a perfect gift for a birthday or celebration, which makes it perfect to celebrate Frugi turning 10.


Not only is Frugi celebrating their 10th birthday this year, they have also increased their clothes age range to 10 years. So we have quite a few more years to fit M in Frugi clothes. We are representing all the one year olds who love Frugi, click the lovely badge below to check out the next age group over on Redhead Baby Led’s blog.


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  2. Danni Reply

    Oh goodness… how adorable does he look?!? I love Frugi now… and your blog really inspires me. Hopefully I will see you both at Britmums xx

  3. Kara Reply

    I want this for Sebby (we keep getting him lots of crab/lobster things thanks to the Little Mermaid) – M looks adorable!

  4. Susanne Remic Reply

    Now that is an awesome outfit! What beautiful photos too. He’s really growing up. Think I’ll be getting all our holiday clothes from Frugi this year!
    x x

  5. Life With Munchers Reply

    Adorable! Love the T! Agree with Kara, it reminds me of Little Mermaid! x

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