Frugi Family swimwear on the beach

For the last two years we’ve been blessed to be part of the Frugi Family. The perk of being a member of this rather exclusive family is that we get to sample their fantastic clothes each season. This month we were sent some rather funky swimwear for our little man to test to the max. He recently started swimming lessons and has been swimming with a SwimFin, so it seemed the perfect choice to choose a pair of Shark board shorts (£19) and a matching Shark sun safe rash vest (£16).

Frugi Family Summer Swimwear

Faced with an incredibly sunny Sunday and a boy who loves the beach, we decided a trip to our favourite location was the perfect place to test M’s new super UPF 50+ rated board shorts and rash vest. The size 3-4 shorts are the perfect fit for our tall, yet slim nearly 4 year old, but the size 3-4 rash best came up a little small in the body, yet was a fantastic fit width wise. It’s so hard finding clothes that fit the height as well as width of our little man as he is very tall in the body with a small waist, but both items were not restricting at all. The material of both items is a fancy material that offers super sun protection, though this is not a replacement for sun screen, think of it more an extra barrier to help protect your little one’s skin.

Frugi Family Swimwear Shark rash vest

Frugi clothes are always nice and bright, which mean M really stood out on the beach, so we could spot him at all times, even if he was only 50 yards from us. The shorts have built in mesh like all swim shorts, which makes them great for the beach or the pool and they are incredibly quick drying, as M discovered after a frosty dip in the sea.

Frugi Family Swimwear shorts

I’m actually quite jealous that the shorts don’t come in my size as I am rather fond of the design, plus I have always fancied a little matching with my son.

Frugi Family Summer Swimwear 16
Frugi Family Swimwear sea

Another perk of being part of the Frugi Family is that we get to direct you to the fab blog of another Frugi Family member. Click the rainbow below to discover what they’ve been sent this month.

Frugi Family Swimwear

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  1. Lucy Reply

    He looks so cool, such a little dude. And its so nice knowing that the kids are protected from the sun’s rays too, isn’t it? x

  2. would like to be Reply

    I really wanted to get to the beach to review ours but sadly the weather wasn’t supposed to be as good as it was. He looks too cool in his new outfit, they really are fab aren’t they? #frugifamily

  3. Susanne Remic Reply

    These are on my wish list for Luka. Love the fact they protect against the sun too, and as always the designs are such fun. Gorgeous pics xx

  4. Donna Wishart Reply

    I absolutely love the shark design and it’s such a great outfit – I love how his arms and back are so nicely protected from the sun x

  5. Kara Reply

    I love the design on the top, its so Frugi! Have ordered this set for Isaac too

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