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I’ve lost count of how many people keep asking us if we are enjoying having lots of family time this Summer holidays. Now that M is at school it is easy to think that we look forward to the Summer holidays for a break and some family adventures. Except both C and I work full time, so half term and Summer holidays are just regular weeks to us. We manage to book the odd day off with him, but the rest of his time is spent between lovely grandparents that help us out.

But there is some fun family time we look forward to every Summer, when we head to Camp Bestival to dance and sing and spend time together. I am so thankful we started M camping and festival going at such a young age as he now takes everything in his stride, except for mud, don’t get me started on his hate for mud.

Apart from the mud, our festival family time was rather epic. There were a few moments where we had to find the positives to being wet, cold and hoping the wind didn’t take our tent. But my view on it was, we warmed up, we got dry (eventually) and the wind didn’t take our tent as our tent was rather awesome (review coming soon). I will be writing many posts about our time at Camp Bestival very soon, but for now this post is about us as a family at our 4th festival.

So here are our favourite family moments from Camp Bestival:

Clara – My favourite moment was getting right to the front of the Castle Stage to watch Mr Maker and Mr Tumble, both Kirsty and I took turns with M on our shoulders as we sung and danced.

Kirsty – I loved watching M make a sword in the Spinney Hollow. His little face was lovely to see as he was made a warrior of Camp Bestial. We were very proud parents.

M – I liked the silent disco in the Lego Friends party place. We danced in the rain.


The unexpected family moments will be the ones that stick with us for the longest time. If you’re looking to enjoy some family time at Camp Bestival next year, the Pre-Sale Early Bird tickets go on sale tomorrow.

Camp Bestival Rock Star

We received our family camping ticket as part of our position as Official Camp Bestival Bloggers.

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  1. Caro Davies Reply

    Aaah this is such a lovely post! And lovely pics too. It was fab finally meeting you three — so nice that we could celebrate your little man’s special day.

    I’m thankful that we took our boys to festivals from such an early age too. This Camp Bestival was their 8th 4 day festie — not bad for two little 4 year olds!! As you say, it definitely makes them take it all in their stride, if they’ve been before! Roll on next year!

  2. pinkoddy Reply

    What a shame about the weather. Thought our tent was going to blow off this weekend at a festival too so can relate to that. Looks like you all had such an amazing time again. #CountryKids

  3. Coombe Mill (Fiona) Reply

    Every year you post from Camp Bestival I think how much fun it looks. Even with rain and mud you make it sound exciting and a wonderful family experience. I love how you each have your own favourite moments and the pictures really do express the delight you each felt. What a lovely way to record another great festival weekend.

  4. Kim Carberry Reply

    Camp Bestival looks like so much fun….I have seem many reports about the mud. Eek but it doesn’t look like it ruined your fun! Fab photos! #CountryKids

  5. Helena “TheQueenofCollage” Ash Reply

    It’s great that you could put your fear of mud aside and enjoy a great festival. #CountryKids

  6. Elaine Betteridge Reply

    the mud was something else wasn’t it! Glad you had a good time, lovely pics and your boy looks like he’s having the best time! xx

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