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If you follow us on social media you will probably have seen the images we’ve shared of us all suited and booted recently, for my cousin’s wedding. We both agree that it’s the most comfortable we’ve felt in our body’s for a long time. We are finally feeling that we have managed to become the healthiest we have ever been as adults.

We have made no secret of our healthy lifestyle changes and weight loss journey. We are both still attending Slimming World and I am still listening to my Thinking Slimmer slimpods every morning. We are certainly in for the long haul and really have gone further than ever before on this challenge to get fit and live longer.

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Clara and I have both found our grooves when it comes to exercise and both enjoy different ways to workout. I am just finishing week 6 of a couch to 5K programme (huge thanks to the FitbitchesMovement for motivating me, especially Nickie), whilst Clara prefers riding the exercise bike every evening. Exercise has slotted into our daily routines and is no longer a chore, in fact it is something we both look forward to. It feels like “our time” where we get to just concentrate on ourselves as Kirsty and Clara, rather than someone’s mum or someone’s wife.

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I am a few pounds away from being the lightest I have been since I was about 12 and really feel great. Clara is looking amazing and keeps shocking people she hasn’t seen in a while. I know we’ve been on weight loss journeys before and stumbled and lost our way, but this time, this time it’s for life.

LGBT Wedding outfit

LGBT wedding outfits

So if you’re reading this and wish you could get started towards a healthier life, you can, it just takes one foot in front of the other, because just one long walk can make a difference to your health. Just make sure you keep up the walking until it becomes habit. You don’t need to be running marathons or eating salad leaves to get fit and healthy, it just takes time and trust me that time passes anyway, you get to choose how you spend it.

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  1. MumReinvented Reply

    You both look amazing, well done! Something has finally clicked for me too lately – only taken 15 years of yoyo dieting, but I’m getting there at long last. Here’s to being healthier and happier!

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