A Very Gadget Christmas Wishlist

This year has been full of ups and downs which has involved us living to a strict budget. This budget won’t stretch to huge Christmas presents or big surprises, so this year we are creating our virtual wishlists, if money were no object. Now if you are regular readers or followers of ours on twitter, you will probably have realised I love my gadgets and photography so this is a very gadget Christmas wishlist.

Kirsty's Christmas Wishlist

Cork Map Noticeboard, Not on the Highstreet £25 – I love maps if you follow my personal Pinterest you will see I have a whole board dedicated to my map love. This combines my love of maps with a requirement for a noticeboard to keep track of our *busy* lives.

Apple Macbook Pro, John Lewis £1,699 – I have wanted a Macbook since they were released, but the price tag has always been a big barrier for me. When I studied at college I learnt how to edit video and still photography on a Mac and I found it very natural to use. I know I will buy one at some point as I would love to be able to edit our vlogs more and my photography to a higher standard. But I’ll just have to wait until the price tag is less of a barrier.

Batman Converse, Shuh £55 – I love superhero merchandise and I love Converse, so these are like a little marriage from heaven.

Leather Satchel, The Leather Satchel Company from £80 – I adore leather satchels and plan to buy one when I get my first pay cheque from the first job I fall in love with. I have an idea what job that will be, but I’m waiting for the Universe to make its move. I had a small yellow leather satchel when I was a child and I used to carry it around my room pretending I was a business woman.


Christmas Wishlist

Nikon D610 DSLR, Currys £1,799 – I have had my Nikon 3100 for nearly a year now and I am just bursting to upgrade my camera. I started off with an entry level camera to allow me to learn the ropes and not break the bank as I wanted to spend my money on lenses. Now that I am trying new things I feel that my camera is just not doing it for me.

Nikon 35mm AF-S Lens, Jessops £148 – I have had my eye on a 35mm lens for a while now. I love my nifty fifty, but there are shots I have planned that a 35mm will come in handy for.

Camera Lens Travel Mug – Firebox £16.99 – I love cameras, I love hot chocolate on the go, so why not carry it in a Camera Lens Travel Mug.

Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag for Xbox – Amazon £39.97 – I am a huge Xbox gamer and love the Assassin’s Creed series. I have played every one and if Santa doesn’t put this in my stocking at Christmas, I am sure I will be able to snap it up by the time my birthday comes around.

Eye-Fi Wireless SD Card – Photojojo from $49.95 – This little SD card allows you to send your jpegs from your DSLR to your smartphone or computer via wifi, no cables needed. This is perfect for me as I am always losing cables and am always having to dropbox images over to my iPhone to edit.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 – PC World £89.99 – I have wanted one of these for ages. I had an old style P600 a while back and have had so much trouble finding film without it costing a fortune. I just love instant photos as they challenge you to capture the moment without the option of a delete button.

So there is my Christmas Wishlist, now it’s your turn, let me know in the comments which items would be on your list if money were no object.  Clara’s and Monkey will be sharing a list soon, we may give Monkey a little help with his.

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  1. xOjox Reply

    I have to admit, I’m a bit of a gadget freak too, hence the number of fitbits that have come through my house!
    The Mac pro would definitely be on my wish list……….but I would hide it from my boys! haha x

  2. Hayley Reply

    I had pretty much the same list for my birthday (all the camera stuff)! Kindred spirits!

  3. Sarah Hughes Reply

    Fujifilm Instax is top of my list along with a necklace from Notonthehighstreet which has rings on it you can personalise.(would be engraved with the names of all my boys)

  4. geekmummy Reply

    There’s only one item on my wish list this year – the new iPad mini with retina screen 🙂

    Although if my hubby gets the one item on his wish list (a new micro four thirds camera) I’ll be claiming his Fuji x100 as well 🙂

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