Gadget Heaven – A Day at Panasonic

Last week we were excited to announce that we had been chosen to become Panasonic Mums. Which means in 2014 we get to work with the lovely people at Panasonic to share information about their products and tech and also for us to learn more about what products they have on offer for families to enjoy. You can imagine my excitement when we discovered we would be visiting Panasonic HQ to check out their latest tech and to learn all about their Smart VIERA TV’s.

On our arrival to Panasonic, we were taken to a floor with several innovative rooms available for meetings and training. They really have thought of everything at Panasonic, not only do they have a home room where they regularly test ingredients for their breadmakers, they also have an eco office with grass on the floor. The room we were shown to for our day of testing had a TV covering almost every bit of wall space.

Our first task of the day was to share what we wanted to learn whilst we were there. C was curious what Panasonic Smart TV’s could offer for our little man and I wanted to know how they handled streaming. I can confirm that we both went away satisfied that our initial questions were answered.

After the initial greetings were out the way, we were taken to a pass card protected room. Behind these doors the gadgets of the future were held. We saw tech that is slowly being rolled out to the public and also tech that is made specially for miliary use and schools.

Panasonic Camera

Panasonic laptop

Panasonic tablet

Some of the tech on view, could have been lifted from within a Hollywood movie. I even remarked that the augmented reality TV we saw was very much like Minority Report, which may eventually display advertising targeted to the individual. We were incredibly interested to learn about tech being rolled out to schools, as this is something we hope our son is able to take advantage of by the time he is school age. I feel technology can be hugely beneficial to a child’s education and will inspire future generations to continue advancing technology.

Augmented reality tv

Once we’d popped our eyes back in our heads, we headed back to the TV room to learn all about the Smart VIERA TV’s and to also test them to the max. The Smart VIERA TV not only offers a gorgeous clear viewing experience, it also allows you to set up a personalised home screen to feature your apps. They have 4 preset templates or you can create your own, allowing each family member to have their own personal customised Home Screen. I loved this feature as C and I use tech in very different ways. So for example I would be able to set the TV up to recognise my face, using the voice remote I could ask to be taken to my home screen and a camera pops up, recognises who is making the request and takes you to your home screen.

Remote and voice remote

Your home screen is fully customisable and can be filled with apps you can download from the VIERA app store. We both had a go at creating our own home screen and were really impressed. We were able to place YouTube, our blog and several other apps all on one screen for easy access. I really loved the feature which allowed you to have your twitter stream to the right of the TV programme you are watching. This would come in handy for live tweeting main TV events or current news.

Panasonic Viera TV

Our favourite feature of the Smart VIERA TV was the integration of an app on your smart phone or tablet, which enables your device to become a remote. Our little man is constantly hiding our remote, so being able to use our phones to control the TV, would make our lives much easier. But the bonus of using the app doesn’t end at being able to change the channel. The fantastic Swipe and Share feature, allows you to select an image from your device’s camera roll and literally swipe it towards the TV, it then displays in full screen for everyone in the room to view. Once the image is on the TV, anyone with the app installed and connected to your TV can drag the image on to their device and save it, no need for wires! I feel this feature would come in handy when returning from holiday, you can share your images when the family come round without them having to take turns looking in a photo album and to be honest, who prints pictures these days.

Remote for Panasonic

There were so many great things about the Smart VIERA TV that we could talk endlessly about it. But the final feature we fell in love with was the ability to drag what was playing on the TV, down to your device. So if it is gorgeous weather outside, you can watch what’s on the telly, whilst you enjoy the sun.

Our day passed far too quickly and soon we were heading for the door. We learnt lots and have now added a Smart VIERA TV to our Christmas Wishlist. I certainly know we will be saving all our pennies for our next TV upgrade.

*We received our travel expenses for attending Panasonic HQ – All views are our own. We really loved all the tech.

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