The garden I wanted

I have great memories of playing in gardens as a child. My favourite was always my Uncle Bob’s. Every Summer we’d play badminton or frisbee avoiding his greenhouse as best we could. We’d admire his beautiful Bonsai trees and sit in the sun at many a BBQ. The garden I wanted M to grow up in had to be able to offer him wonderful memories too.

When we discovered our new home we were concerned the garden would be a bit small. We were lucky to be buying a house with so much space inside, we were worried we’d not got as much outdoor space as we had hoped. But as soon as we’d moved in I could tell I had got the garden I wanted.

catch in the garden

With room for garden furniture and a BBQ (which we are on the hunt for) there was plenty of space for Clara and I, so what would M make of it? Well let’s just say he loved it just as much as me. Our shed is full of his scooters, bikes and skateboard which have been endlessly ridden down our path already and I sense the shed will also become a source of bug hunting.

standing tall

Our small but big enough for us, patch of grass has become a football field, ice hockey rink and the surface of another planet. M’s fought giant battles, been hunting with long wooden spears and climbed Everest, without leaving our back gate.

garden smiles

Our garden wall stands very tall and became the side of a mountain. M and I worked together to see if he could climb it and had so much fun. It’s a memory I hope he keeps for a long time.

catch me mama

climbing high

nearly there

reaching out

Garden wall climbing

I hope one day M will be on the search for a garden to give his children some great memories, just like he had growing up.


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  1. Baby Isabella Reply

    Gardens are a source of endless entertainment. In a child’s eyes they are always much bigger than they seem. My mummy remembers her childhood garden like it was yesterday and loved playing outdoors. She saw a photo the other day and it was TINY! #CountryKids

  2. Coombe Mill (Fiona) Reply

    It’s wonderful to see that M has fallen in love with your garden, just as you hoped he would. Gardens are always important for encouraging outdoor fun and it’s fab that M’s imagination is so free flowing in your garden. I can’t wait to hear more about your fab garden adventures over the summer!

    Thanks for linking up with me on #CountryKids.

  3. Little Steps Reply

    I’m glad your son has loves your garden too and here’s hoping he’ll also have fond memories as you obviously did with your favourite garden 🙂 Lovely photos of your boy. #countrykids.

  4. Emma Tustian Reply

    What a lovely post. I think children make the most of what they have garden wise, and M has certainly enjoyed his adventures from the sounds of things. I feel for families with children who don’t have gardens

  5. Heidi Reply

    What a lovely post. Your son is making lots of fantastic memories of your garden. I have lots of fond memories of our first garden. It went on for what felt like miles to me & my sister and we spent many happy hours playing in it. #countrykids

  6. over40andamumtoone Reply

    I don’t think space is an issue for kids really. I had a massive garden growing up which I loved, but the house here has a postage stamp space for a garden. My son loves it. He’s got his own space for a mud pit and would spend every waking hour there given the choice #CountryKids

  7. Claire Reply

    What a lovely post. It sounds like M loves your garden. Certainly looks like he enjoyed trying to climb the wall. #countrykids

  8. Helena “TheQueenofCollage” Ash Reply

    Got to love a child’s imagination. #CountryKids

  9. Louise George Reply

    Sounds like you have the perfect garden for lots of outdoor fun and a little imagination makes a big difference! Love the photos of M climbing the wall 🙂 #countrykids

  10. Merlinda Little Reply

    I dont have a garden and I wish I have a space for my son to explore like this. Lovely photos and smile =) #countrykids

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