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Hi I’m Gemma; 32 years young with 4 children aged 6, 4, 2 and 7 months (3 girls and 1 boy and 9 years of marriage here we are! I blog over at Gemma’s Toddler Kitchen. I’ve worked as a commercial model for almost 14 years. I have been lucky enough to experience a very glamorous world – I still dip my toe in when I get a chance but nowadays with 4 kids I find it challenging to find the time and energy. I have juggled my career around my babies and having so many hungry mouths to feed I have always been interested in simple home cooking that we can all enjoy. Our household is busy, hectic, LOUD, lively and happy. We all live in Buckinghamshire, north of London in a small village called Woburn Sands in a house that’s 300 years old.

This is one of my and my kids all-time favourite festive recipes (we just change the cookie cutters for Easter, Birthdays and other themes)

Stained Glass Cookie Ornaments

Stained Glass Cookie Ornaments

1. 250g/9oz Butter or Marg
2. 140g/5oz Caster Sugar
3. 1 egg yolk
4. 2 tsp. Vanilla essence
5. 300g/10.5oz Plain flour
6. Cookie cutters

• Heat the oven to 180c, Gas mark 4.
• Cream the fat and sugar until fluffy, add the egg yolk, vanilla essence and mix well.
• Sieve the flour into the mixture and mix until it starts to form a dough, use your hands to combine it. (If its too wet add more flour if its too dry add a splash of water)
• Roll out to 0.5cm ¼” thick. Cut out the big cookie cutter shapes first and then the smaller shapes in the middle. You can use a milk bottle top if you don’t have any small cutters. Push a hole with a drinking straw into the cookie for hanging it.

toddler cooking

• Place the cookies on grease proof paper; sprinkle the crushed sweet in the middle holes of the cookies. Don’t worry how crushed or lumpy the sweets are, they melt in the oven to create the stained glass effect.

toddler cooking with rolling pin

toddler cookie cutters

Stained glass cookies
• Bake in the middle of the oven for 10/12 minutes until just golden.
• The cookies have to cold before removing them from the paper. String up with any festive ribbon for the prettiest tastiest decoration! Enjoy x

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  1. Lauren Reply

    I love this idea… must remember for next year! Might try making them in flower shapes for the spring! Thanks for sharing! x

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