Baby “Routine”

‘I’ve got to get Monkey into a bedtime routine soon’ Seems to be my motto at the moment but it never seems to work.

Get Baby into a Rouine

I keep telling myself ‘awwww he’s only . . .’ 8 weeks, 10 weeks and now 12 weeks. I’m serious this time though! When Monkey hits 3 months, I’m going to attempt it!

In going to try and get Monkey into his own bed. Although I love co sleeping and it makes feeding easier, K and I need our bed back at some point. It may not work and if that’s the case we will happily continue sleeping the way we are. It would be lovely to be able to put Monkey down at night and have grown up time again.

Monkey has some weird sleeping patterns that I will need to try and change, if possible, how do you keep a 3 month old awake?! He is the king of catnaps, even at 7 – 8 o’clock at night he won’t sleep for more than half an hour and usually settles for the night around 10pm, which is too late for K and I to spend time together as that’s usually the time we’re beginning to drift into sleep as well. Oh how life changes when you’re a parent.

In all fairness we have been all over the place visiting family and attending funerals lately and this weekend is no exception as we are visiting The Baby Show at Earls Court on Saturday. Which we are looking forward to very much. I think if I had got him into a routine, these last 2 weeks would have ruined it anyway.

I’ll be so happy when we don’t have to travel anymore and can enjoy the lead up to Monkey’s 1st Christmas in our own home.

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  1. Katie B Reply

    We were just the same, I’ve always co-slept with Nancy but now she’s 7 weeks I thought it was time to start getting some routine into our lives! She used to go to bed with us around 10-11pm but we’ve started putting her down between 7.30-8.30. We do bath (if needed), put on pjs & then do last feed in the dark in the bedroom & put her down. We only started on Saturday but it’s working so far & she’s been going 3-3.5 hours between feeds, instead of 2! It’s lovely to have evenings & our bed to ourselves again, although we do miss her!

    • Clara Reply

      Awwww that’s great your getting some sleep. Monkey sleeps really well with us & we love the cuddles. I just want him to have some structure to an evening. Get all cuddly & cosy then a nice sleep x

  2. Mummy's Little Monkey Reply

    Hate to be the bearer of (possibly) bad news… but both my girls would stay awake until at least 11pm every night for the first five or six months!! Then, thank goodness, they started going to bed earlier each night – in 15 minute increments!!

    Trouble is, babies are diurnal, while us grownups are nocturnal. It was many more months before OH and I managed to get an evening together (although we did have two under 2.5, and if it wasn’t the baby waking, it was her older sister!!) They’re now 2 and 4, and still give us grief every bed time – it’s just lucky they’re so darn cute, huh?? 😉

    • Clara Reply

      Sound silly but we’re so new to this & thought they liked to sleep early but learning very fast. We’re just making the most of the cuddles.

      I can imagine that’s a handful! They can scream & scream but when they smile at you it’s all ok again lol.

  3. essie Reply

    we resisted the idea of a routine for ages, but when we finally got into one it was an absolute lifesaver, and we wondered why we’d waited so long. i hope you guys find a pattern that suits all of you soon 🙂

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