A gift of DNA with Groupon
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A few weeks ago on Instagram stories I discovered one of the people I follow sent their DNA off to Ancestry to get a full breakdown of their DNA. I have always loved the idea of having my DNA tested to see where my relatives came from and add the info to my family tree. I also thought this would be a genius gift in the future for our little man.

Not sharing DNA with M doesn’t matter to me as blood or not, he has my heart. But I think it would be nice for him to see where both C and I originated from. When I discovered Groupon offered coupons for Ancestry I started to think that it would also be a lovely gift to get for my whole family over the next few years. The great thing about Ancestry is that your results share information about your ethnicity across 26 regions/ethnicities.

dna ancestry

I know eventually the time will come when our little man may want to know what makes up his DNA, so potentially it could be a good way to fill in information for him too.

Both C and I have been told over the years we have family that go back through many different countries, so it would be so interesting to finally tell M some solid facts about our family tree.

Have you had your DNA tested? Would you get your DNA tested?


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