Glamming up for the Mad Blog Awards

This Friday, Clara and I will be wearing the smartest outfits we have owned, since we got married almost 3 years ago. Thanks to all our readers, our blog is a finalist in the Mad Blog Awards. Having had several months to digest this information, we are still over the moon each time we think about how far our blog has come.

We started our blog to shine a light on same sex parents and to open up the doors to how, we’re not too different from other parents. It would mean so much to us to win and to take home an award to the little man we dedicate our blog to. Even if we don’t win, we are so looking forward to our first night on the town since before C got pregnant. I apologise in advance if you have this misfortune of talking to me after I have had a couple of drinks, I can get very chatty.

Clara and I have decided to keep our outfits a secret, until the big night. But I’ll leave you with a teaser picture of one of our pairs of shoes. I’ll let you guess who’s they are.

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