GoPro Mountain Games 2016

So it’s two months since we went to Vail, Colorado and the GoPro Mountain Games vlogs are all up on our YouTube channel. We’ve written a brief post about our dream holiday and a post about the food we ate and hotel we stayed in are still to come. But I wanted to write about what you can discover at the GoPro Mountain Games a celebration of adventure sports, art and music,  for those who are possibly interested in going one day.

GoPro Mountain Games

The GoPro Mountain Games are set in the beautiful village called Vail in Colorado, USA. The village is just 2 hours outside of Denver airport and is home to 4 days of adventure sports, live bands and art. They whole event is family friendly and even dog friendly, with many of the hotels offering pet friendly rooms for the many dogs that accompany their owners to the GoPro Mountain Games.

GoPro Mountain Games River

The sports on offer to view range from mountain bike trails and climbing to kayaking and slack-lining. My favourite athletes to watch whilst at the GoPro Mountain Games were the slack liners. The most fun activity to watch were the Dock Dogs which involved gorgeous pooches pouncing in the air to catch their favourite toy before splashing into a giant paddling pool.


There are also stalls to visit promoting athletic accessories, GoPros to purchase and doggy treats. One of my favourite stalls was the Krave jerky stand, I love jerky so it was nice to try some of the best jerky I’ve ever eaten. Everyone we encountered was so friendly and our accents turned a few heads to it was nice to talk about home and hear stories about where many of the staff had visited in the UK. One of the stalls asked me for my best joke in return for a free baseball cap, I warned them I only knew dirty jokes and was soon walking away with a free cap.

GoPro Mountain Games watching

Activities in the GoPro Mountain Games village start early and go on into the early evening. This means you have time to get round the village and see as much as possible before heading back to your hotel for dinner then back out again to enjoy some music.

This is certainly one of the most friendly and relaxed events I have ever attended and was really sad when it came to an end. I can see why it is so popular and hope one day I get a chance to return.

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