GoPro and The Secret Life of Pets

Last month we not only got a sneak preview of The Secret Life of Pets at the GoPro Mountain Games in Vail, Colorado, we also took M to see the full film on preview weekend here in the UK. As huge GoPro fans we were excited to see how GoPros were used by the pets in The Secret Life of Pets.

GOPRO The secret life of pets

We don’t wish to reveal any The Secret Life of Pets spoilers, so the fab folks at GoPro have put together an energy filled short below with some great The Secret Life of Pets characters.

Seeing the pets capturing footage as though they are adrenaline thrill seekers is pretty funny and appealed to M’s, and even our sense of humour. GoPro’s unique mount-anywhere design lends itself well to animals capturing their amazing daredevil feats. We are quite tempted to pop our GoPro session on my mother-in-law’s cute little Chihuahua to see what she gets up to when we leave the room.

Have you seen The Secret Life of Pets yet? What did you think and did you spot the GoPro?

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