Graze box – Review

As we mentioned in a previous post Fitness back in October we have been receiving a Graze box every Wednesday to help us with our snacking.

I’d heard about Graze boxes a while ago but didn’t feel we really had any need for one. Until we decided we wanted to make sure we were eating healthy portions of healthy snacks. So we took advantage of an offer online for a free box and signed up.

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It’s really easy to do, you log in to the Graze site and select different options against each of the snacks they offer. You can bin snacks if you never want to be sent them and also select Send soon on certain snacks if you want it sent in your next box. I was worried at first that I had binned too much as I’m not allowed to eat nuts but I was still left with lots of options. C decided she wanted some nuts so they got added back into the selection.

Each Wednesday our Graze box arrives with the post and handily fits through the letterbox. We both share the one box and are always surprised at how filling each little snack is. Each box comes with a booklet stating all the nutritional information for each snack, a napkin and if eating olives a handy pick.

Graze Box - Review -

We can honestly say there’s only been one thing we weren’t too keen on but the rest have been delicious. Sometimes I secretly hope C will say she doesn’t like something so that I’ll get to finish it off. But that’s only happened once.

Each little punnet is a handy size that allows you to pop in your rucksack for work or even your pocket whilst on a walk so you can have a handy snack on the go. It would have been handy having one of these arrive just after Monkey was born as at least we’d have been eating something healthy.

My favourites have been the chilli olives and the gorgeous flapjacks and C has loved the Boston baguettes and the flapjacks.

*we subscribe to these boxes with our own hard earned cash. All views are our own.


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  1. Joel Reply

    Reading has this has convinced me! signing up 🙂 saddly its also made me want the olives, which arent available on the boost plan 🙁

  2. HealthyandFree Reply

    How sad. How lazy are you people to sit around the house and wait for a snack to come in your mailbox ! They contain little snacks that you can pick up out of any $1 vending machine. The reviews that are positive are posted buy rumor controll and the owners and Associates of the company. No one can seriously think that a box of crackers and nuts can be worth that much money and be so lazy so you have to sit around and wait for someone to deliver them to you. Go outside get some exercise, find your local snack store, save yourself some money.

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