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Ever since we were invited to Google HQ to learn about the great features of Google Home, M has been in love with it. In fact, we are all kind of in love with the smart tech we’ve added to our home and the ease in which we have adapted to having the extra tech in the house.

Google Home Speaker

Google Home is easy to hook up straight from the box and comes with everything you need to plug it in. You will need a smart phone and an email account to customise and finish installation with your wifi, but once you’ve done this you are pretty much good to go.

google home device

It is no exaggeration when I say we use Google Home every single day. As we received a Chromecast with our Google Home, M is able to walk into our front room and simply say “OK Google, play Paw Patrol on Netflix“. Due to the genius way you can link your Netflix, YouTube and Spotify accounts, you can just request something and it will play it.

google home surprise

The Google Home sound quality is fantastic and can be turned up quite loud, but if you wanted to you could pair it with an additional bluetooth speaker for that added ooomph.

We’re yet to purchase extra smart tech you can link to Google Home, even though I have a long list of products I wish to buy. But this doesn’t mean it can’t help with something every day.

Our favourite features:

“Ok Google what’s the weather like today”

Tells you what it will be like in regards to sunny or cloudy and which temperature it will be in your town linked to your account you setup with unless you specify a certain town.

Google Home Smart tech

“Ok Google what noise does a baboon make” – M loves the noise questions.

It will play you the actual animal noise. This one is endless fun for a 5 year old.

“Ok Google, whats £178.70 x 0.6”

Will give you the answer every time. Faster than it takes me to open calculator on my phone. This comes in handy when I am working from home.

“Ok Google, where’s the nearest Pizza?”

It will list off the closest pizza restaurants, or whatever type or store you ask for.

“Ok Google, tell me a fun fact”

A fun fact which is usually very interesting will follow.

Google Home Read

There are times it mishears us or doesn’t have an answer yet, but the great thing is the developers are constantly working on updates and new features, so it seems to adapt to understanding us better each month.

We were sent some Google Home cards to prompt us to test our device to the max and to be honest you can easily lose an hour just sat talking to this rather awesome piece of smart tech. Add in the fact it can play several team games and impress visitors and it’s quite the bargain at £99 (Maplin, Sale as of 7/09/17 Price may change).

We are already looking at buying an additional one for M’s bedroom as we already have smart devices in every other room. Though I am not sure I am ready for “Ok Google what noise does a zebra make” at 6 in the morning. But I think it would come in handy with homework and linking his bedroom lights to it eventually. It has a crazy way of allowing you to be more present when it comes to parenting as we’re not having to search for controls for the TV, scroll through our phones to access music or whatever M wants to stream. We can just ask Google Home and it does it’s best to provide.

Do you have a Google Home? What is your favourite thing to ask it?

We were gifted the Google Home and a Chromecast on it’s launch. All views are because we love it.

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  1. North East Family Fun Reply

    I have been thinking in investing in a google home. I have a pixel phone and love it! My question is though, what if I say ‘OK google’ to my phone and google home thinks I’m talking to it?

    My husband has an iPhone and is waiting for Apple’s version to come out.

    It’s going to be tough deciding which one to go for! Perhaps we’ll buy both 😀

    My kids would love that they can just ask for TV on demand.

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