Gro Anywhere Blind – Review

If like me you are someone who likes to sleep, but you have a child who is easily woken by the sun rising, you need a Gro Anywhere Blind in your life.

When the summer began and the clocks changed we were finding ourselves up at the break of dawn with Monkey, his routine broke down and it started to disrupt our whole day. We had a tired toddler starting to show signs of the dreaded terrible twos. Not a good combination, believe me!

We already have blackout curtains up in his room but they didn’t really do much, the light was still coming in. Apart from when M goes to sleep with is night light turtle, which projects stars onto the ceiling, he pretty much likes his room to be pitch black and I don’t blame him, we do too.

gro blind

Then the Gro Company came to our rescue with the Gro Blind. It’s such a simple piece of kit but it’s a miracle worker.

The Gro Anywhere Blind is a large rectangular piece of blackout material, with suckers and Velcro running along the edges to allow you to stick it up on window. It’s very thick but also very lightweight, which is perfect. The blind also has a lovely moon and star pattern on it, which M loves.

Gro Blind on window

When I first looked at the size of the blind, I had a bit of a panic, our windows are relatively small and I thought it would never fit. Of course that was one of my blonde moments as I quickly realised that’s what the Velcro was for.

I found it was easier to adjust the length once it was secured to the window. The suckers are excellent and stick very well so it makes it very easily to adjust the Velcro to fit the length of your window. I find the bottom a bit tricky so to make my life easier I just tuck it in on the window ledge. It doesn’t seem to make a difference.

gro blind suckers

Once the blind is up on the window Monkey’s room is almost in complete darkness. A little bit of light does spill out of the sides, but not enough to wake him up in the morning, and with our blackout curtains pulled over the top, it doesn’t really come through into the room anyway.

We tend to leave our blind up on the window all the time, just to make bedtimes a bit easier for us. M doesn’t play in his room very much yet so we can get away with putting the light on. It also helps us with nap times, M can go to sleep in darkness throughout the day, which has really helped us.

The Gro Anywhere Blind is also a must have travel accessory, we have taken it away with us several times over the summer and it has fit onto every single window. We recently took it away with is to Wales where we climbed Snowdon for Raising for Grayson and M slept extremely well the whole week.

The Gro Anywhere Blind retails at £25 which I think it’s an excellent price, and comes in a lovely little bag to help keep it compact if you want to store it or travel with it.

We highly recommend this product, it’s not just for the summer, we’ve been using ours all year round.

*We were sent two Gro Anywhere Blinds for the purpose of this review.

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  1. Donna Wishart Reply

    We have had a Gro-Blind for over 2 years now and absolutely love it, it would be one of my recommendations to any new parent. Like you we also leave it up during the day as it makes everything a bit easier x

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