Grobag and Gro-suit review

Over the last 6 months Monkey has made the big move from Co Sleeping to spending the night in his own bed/cot. It has been surprisingly easy, which shocked me at first, I was ready for a battle. I have found the transition quite easy, I’m enjoying the extra room and the cuddles with my wife.


However I am not completely worry free. Monkey’s bedroom faces towards the east and tends to get quite cold in the night. At first I often woke up numerous times in the night to check he was warm enough and convinced myself the reason he woke in the night was due to the cold. Then the Gro Company came to my rescue when they offered to send us a set of Gro Suits and a Winter Warmer 3.5 tog Grobag for review.


I think the Gro Suits are lovely. At first look they seem just like a standard babygro, however these have padded arms to provide extra warmth in the night. You can use your normal Grobag with them and can sleep easy knowing they are warm. Monkey seemed very comfortable in them and looked adorable. The first few nights he woke, however one particularly cold night he slept all the way through, I honestly believe it was because of the extra layer keeping his arms warm and cosy. I would recommend these suits to anyone having issues with a cold bedroom. My only issue (if you can call it that) is I wish they came in a larger variety of sizes and colours. Unfortunately they only go up to a size 12-18 months, M is now in size 18-24 months so I am missing them.

The Grosuits retail at £14.99 for a pack of two. For the reassurance that your child will be warm throughout the night, I think they are worth every penny. We have the Penguin design, which is very simple but very cute.


The Winter Warmer is very soft and cosy. We only use this Grobag on the coldest of nights but Monkey sleeps very well in it. At the back of my mind I am still aware of the risk of over heating so I only put M in a long sleeved vest on occasions. It’s great to have this in the cupboard just in case and again, it puts my mind at ease in the middle of the night. I am a big fan of Grobags and would happily recommend this product for anyone with room temperatures of 16 degrees or lower. Please check all the safety guidelines with regards to room temperatures and safe sleeping. If I were to suggest something the to Gro Company regarding the design of the Winter Warmer, is to keep the zip in the central location like the original Grobags. When we are putting M down for the night he dislikes his feet inside the bag so we have to keep it open fully until he is sound asleep and is a bit tricky to close it once he is asleep.



We have the Winter Warmer Grobag in size 18-36 months which leaves a lot of room to Gro in to. The Grobag retails at £34.99 which I think is a little pricey as it’s main use is only for 3 months of the year in our case (6 months if the bag fits him next winter). If you are living in a cold country it’s a must have item.


You can purchase both the Grobag and Gro suits from the Gro Company.

*We received these items for the purpose of this review.

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  1. Baked Potato Mummy Reply

    We love Grobags too. Potato is in PJ’s and proper bedding now but I miss the ease of the bags. I would definitely have used the Grosuit if I’d heard about them when he was younger. It’ll almost be time for us to get a GroClock!!!

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