Haba Pulling Diego Dragon – Review

Monkey was first sent the Hablo pulling Diego Dragon when he was just walking. He was more interested in eating the dragon, than pulling it around. Now that M is running all over the place, the dragon practically flies around the room with him after him.

Haba Diego Dragon

This adorable dragon is available from The Toadstool online toy store. He’s incredibly well made, nice and colourful and perfect for a one year old who can toddle round the room.
Haba Diego Dragon
I was a little concerned about M chewing on the dragon’s tail, but after much wrenching by me, I was satisfied it was safe. The wood is so smooth, I can see why M enjoys chomping on it.

It only took a few attempts by M before he was able to pull it along the floor. The string is quite short for a little one who doesn’t understand to lower it to make the most of it. But this is also a plus as you don’t want them to get tangled or for it to be dangerous.

At £25.50, the Haba Pulling Diego Dragon is a little on the expensive side and falls into the gift category for or budget. But with the quality and excitement it provides, it really is a toy that will last.

To purchase one of these gorgeous dragons, head over to The Toadstool.


*We were sent this toy to review as Toadstool toy reviewers. All views and opinions are our own.


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  1. Kara Reply

    I love wooden toys. I always by the kiddos some each year. This may have to be a purchase for Deacons 1st Xmas x

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