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As Half Term fast approaches we start to think about the tech our little man has available to keep him entertained in-between his exciting adventures with his grandparents. As M gets older he loves to share what he gets up to whilst we are at work. The easiest way for him to do this is via a tablet.

We were recently sent an Acer Iconia tablet that is perfect for allowing him to watch his favourite shows on Netflix or YouTube Kids and also capture photos of his day. With 32GBS of space you’d think it was impossible for him to fill in a week, but we always end up having to free up space at some point due to all the rather adorable selfies M takes.

Acer tablet ao

Smiles Acer ao

Watching Acer ao

The Acer is super easy to use, with the ability for me to pop all M’s favourite apps on the main screen which allows him to access them without his grandparents’ help. There’s also a fab feature that prompts you to enter a pattern to unlock the screen, which is a great alternative to getting your child to remember a numerical lock. I have full security settings enabled, so I know he can only access child friendly content and haven’t linked the tablet to any social media services, so he can’t accidentally stumble on anything he shouldn’t.

Puppy watching Acer ao

Acer ao Tablet

Acer iconia ao

I’m already looking forward to the photos I’m going to see of his adventures. I might even give him a little photo scavenger hunt to complete during Half Term as he’s becoming quite the photographer.

What is your favourite Half term tech to keep your little one’s occupied when you’re all out of ideas or just need five mins with a cup of coffee?

We were sent this Acer tablet for the purpose of review.

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  1. Innocent Charms Chats Reply

    Wow this looks fab. All the tablets Addison has had before now are a little young for her.
    I shall have to look into this for Christmas. I won’t lie the iPads will come in handy this half term but Addison will be all about her camera.

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