Halfway on the Horizon

On the 21st we will be celebrating our middle milestone. It seems like a long time since we got our first pink lines but it’s actually gone quite quickly.

It’s scary to think, that in less than 20 weeks we will be meeting our little person.

Clara’s bump has been on a steady growth for the last three weeks. I’m slightly worried that if she keeps expanding at this rate she will give birth to a full grown teenager. It does suit her though and I love feeling the bump knowing my little Button is in there kicking away.

I think the nesting process has begun, triggered by a mild panic attack Clara had when she suddenly decided we did not have enough clothes for Button.

She calmed down once we got every piece of clothing out and counted it. We know family and friends will make sure our Button won’t have to show up to its baby gym class with nothing but a nappy on. But we feel more comfortable knowing we have some clothes just in case.

Another thing I’ve started to think about is when to get everything delivered. I want to make sure we have everything we need ready for the last few weeks, but then I also want us to have as much space as possible for as long as possible. Currently most of our baby bits are in my Nan’s loft as she’s kindly allowed us to store them there.

This weekend I am hoping our bump finally let’s me feel one of the many kicks C gets to feel. Would make a great birthday present.

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