Halloween at Upton Country Park

I am one of those parents that loves Halloween and wants to make the most of the event as much as possible. Which lead to us searching for somewhere Halloween themed to take M in the run up to the 31st. We didn’t visit our usual pumpkin patch this year, so we thought we’d visit somewhere different and Upton Country Park ticked all the boxes.

Halloween M big smiles

We got M dressed in his favourite Jogging suit and headed to Upton a few days before Halloween. It’s quite local to us, which is perfect when you’ve got errands to run afterwards. We knew we could enjoy some lunch, let M play and then head off into town to do a food shop. I love days like that where M gets some fun time as well as us being able to fit in boring adult jobs.

Halloween the biggest grin

Upton Country Park puts on a lovely Christmas display throughout December, which is why their Christmas Sleigh was already in it’s place promoting the Christmas event. We couldn’t resist a photo as it’s another annual tradition of ours. One of our first pictures of M in a sleigh was taken when he was one in Tenerife. It’s a photo that still makes me smile as these were the memories I’d imagined making when I dreamed of one day raising a son.

Halloween M Mummy sleigh

Halloween M sleigh

The Halloween area had been set up just to the right of the cafe, which meant we could have some lunch on our way to the activities. The cafe offers lovely fresh sandwiches and little lunch pick and mix for kids. After we’d eaten we let M run off some steam round a small hay maze set up on the ground surrounded by scarecrows. There was the option to carve some pumpkins, but M decided he wanted to do his pumpkin at home, so he decided to play on the wooden play area instead.

Halloween M Scarecrow

Halloween M pumpkin
Halloween M on a Mushroom

Halloween M Skeleton

Halloween Mama and M

Halloween Mummy and M

Halloween Upton Smiles

It was so lovely to watch him confidently race off to climb and play lost in his own imagination. This age really is a wonderful age full of imaginative games (mostly ninja games) and energetic jumps and spins. We often worry that M is missing out on not having a sibling, but when we see him racing about full of smiles we know we’re doing something right for our happy little boy.

Halloween Smiles

Did you visit any Halloween events this year?

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