Halloween Bento Lunches in a Yumbox

Since M started school I have been making him lunches in a fun Yumbox. He loves seeing what I create each day and eats almost everything I pack for him. As Halloween is round the corner I started making him Halloween bento lunches in his Yumbox, so I thought I would share my creations to inspire you to make your own Halloween bento.

I like to keep what M eats quite simple as he is very unsure of new foods and new textures, so I like to create his Halloween Bento using foods he is very familiar with. He recently started eating Babybel cheese which provides a nice little canvas to turn it into a spooky face.  He loves discovering what his Babybel is each morning.

I sourced some new Halloween cutters from TK Maxx at the weekend and have made M some bat, ghost and coffin sandwiches. To add some extra detail I used mini alphabet bento cutters to spell our RIP on the sandwich coffin.
Bento for Halloween

For an extra spooky lunch I add eyeball cupcake rings, glow in the dark spider cupcake rings and pirate picks. If you want to separate foods within your little one’s lunch I find a silicone grass divider makes it look like you’ve got a little garden.
Halloween Bento
Sometimes a simple touch is just enough. I was in a rush when I made the Halloween bento below, but managed a ghost sandwich, spooky Babybel and a ghost gingerbread man. M was just as pleased with his simple spooky lunch.

Simple halloween bento

I hope to  keep making M spooky lunches right the way up to Halloween. I love making them and find he eats a larger amount of his lunch when it is fun.

For more great ideas to help you create a fab Halloween Bento check out Eats Amazing Halloween lunches.

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