Happiness – It’s all in the small details

Sometimes when life gets busy, we are all at risk of entering a form of tunnel vision. Life can be incredibly exhausting and draining, but it can also be lots of fun. Being happy can be effortless, if you just look at the small details.

HappinessLots of little things make us happy at the moment. So we thought we would share them.

C – Mummy
Watching Monkey wake Mama up in the morning. He says Mama then gives her a big kiss and a cuddle
Singing and dancing as a family to silly songs
I love ranting about stupid things with K. When we both get passionate about something, it always seems to make us laugh.
Monkey’s pouty lips when he sleeps just makes my heart melt.
I love sewing. Even if it goes wrong or isn’t the masterpiece I thought it was going to be. I put my full attention on something that is my creation. I loved seeing K’s face when I made her an Owl pillow.


Drinking his Morning and Evening Bob (milk)
Going to the park with his Mummies in the evening and sliding down the slide
Dancing along to the birds singing on In the Night Garden
Playfully being told he has smelly feet with dramatic sounds and “Phewwwwy stinky feet”
Watching Silly songs on Mummy and Mama’s phones

K – Mama

Asking M for a kiss and receiving the cutest most open-mouthed kiss ever
Having the opportunity to progress with my photography this month
Watching M’s little blonde curls grow, almost before my eyes
Snuggling with C in the evenings to watch a film, now that M sleeps in his cot
Waking up to the two most beautiful people in my life


What little things are filling your life with happiness?

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  1. Lauren Reply

    Awwww this is really lovely.
    I found myself agreeing with most of the points in how similar they are to things we do, things I forget about but will take more notice of now. xx

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