Happy Birthday C

Today is my best friends 25th Birthday. It’s the 5th birthday I’ve been lucky enough to share with her (although technically she was out of the country on one of her birthdays) and I feel very blessed that I get so share this day with her.

My wife C means the world to me, I have loved watching her grow and change over the last 6 years. Each year she continues to provide me with something new to fall in love with about her. Last year we didn’t really get to celebrate her birthday very well, she’d only just had Monkey a few weeks before and was suffering with lack of sleep and very low iron levels.

This year is another story, we get to go and celebrate her birthday with our gorgeous son and enjoy it for the first time properly, as a family.

Seeing as it’s her birthday and she has no idea I’ve written this post, I thought I’d share some adorable photos of her as a child. Doesn’t M look just like her.


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