Happy Celebrations

This past month we have been celebrating birthdays, sending time as a family and having fun on holiday, how much happier can we get?

At the end of July we celebrated our little Monkey’s 2nd birthday. We couldn’t quite believe he was turning two but these last 2 years have been the happiest time of our lives, he is the one who brightens up our days and keeps us smiling through the hard days.
Monkey is a huge Peppa Pig fan so we decided to take him to Paulton’s Park to visit Peppa Pig world. We invited family along to celebrate his big day with him, so not only was he visiting the land of his dreams but he was also surrounded by the people he loves most in the world. As we walked towards Peppa Pig World his little face lit up and he started to point and jump up and down with excitement. He immediately spotted the boat ride and we all rushed over and joined the queue. When we got on the ride we realised we wouldn’t all fit in one boat so it was extremely amusing to watch my little brother, who is now not quite so little, squeeze into one of the boats with our niece and M’s Nanna.


We all spent most of the morning in Peppa Pig World enjoying the rides and meeting the characters. After lunch Kirsty took Monkey on a train ride whilst I took my brother and little cousin on the bigger rides. I am a huge fan of rollercoasters and fast rides so I had great fun with them whilst Monkey spent some quality time with his Nanna, Auntie and Cousin. They don’t see him as much as my side of the family so that made them very happy. We ended the day by running through water fountains and getting soaked through. The kids had a great time and seeing how happy it made Monkey on his special day made the whole day seem perfect.



The day after Monkey’s birthday my parents flew to Tenerife for two weeks, so we spent 14 days just the three of us which was amazing. We are very grateful to my family for allowing us to stay with them but quality time as a family of 3 make us extremely happy and we appreciate every moment we have.

It was an extremely busy month for us and only a week after my parents returned from their holiday we were packing our suitcases for a holiday in Wales, which is where I am writing this post from now. We booked a lovely little cottage in the North of Wales with my parents-in-law, sister and brother-in-law and our niece A. We booked the holiday, not only to spend quality time with Kirsty’s side of the family but also so Kirsty and I could climb Mount Snowdon on 24th August to raise money for an amazing little boy called Grayson, you can still donate to Raising for Grayson.

Grayson is a gorgeous little boy who has touched our lives in a huge way, he continuously exceeds all expectations and medical diagnoses. Grayson has an extremely rare disability and is known as a SWAN, Syndrome Without A Name, so much so that Dr’s told his parents that he would be unable to walk and would most likely be in a vegetative state throughout his life. At the age of 5, Grayson learnt how to walk and even climbs the stairs on his own. Now if this little superhero can climb his mountain, we could climb one too. We travelled to Wales on 23rd August, which is also my birthday, so it was a double celebration as we were so excited to climb Snowdon.


The morning of the climb we started the day early and began our ascent around 10am. The scenery as we climbed higher and higher was breathtakingly beautiful and one that will live in our memories forever. We had the best day spending quality time as a couple and also having time to think and escape the every day. We will be writing a detailed post on the climb soon with all the amazing details of our day but I will say that the moment we stepped foot on the summit I felt so happy, it was a joyous moment for Kirsty and I. We are not the fittest of people so to reach the summit of a mountain made us extremely proud of ourselves and I am so happy I got to experience it with my beautiful wife.
What an amazingly happy month it has been!

We would love you to link up and share your happiness this month.


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  1. Innocent Charms Chats Reply

    This post is the best I have read in so long. I appreciate so much what you girls did for Grayson and we are forever grateful.
    Monkeys birthday was literally a perfect day. What a day for you both to remember for such a longtime. A day which shall keep giving with little stories.
    Beautiful. Enjoy the last few days away xxx

  2. Potty Mouthed Mum Reply

    Your monthly post on happiness never fails to make me smile. You are both so positive, lovely and it’s really wonderful to read. I wish I could grab some of that positivity for myself – I hate being such a pessimist. Well done on the climb, such a wonderful think to do and you raised so much. All such a good cause. Glad Monkey had a lovely birthday. Our little Monkey adores Peppa Pig World too, such a fun day out. Hope you had a lovely little holiday xx

  3. Life With Munchers Reply

    You 2 rock! You have such giant hearts. Glad to hear to had a nice time at Peppa World (I hate that pig!) x

  4. Lauren Reply

    You are such good people you really are. I don’t think you actually realise just how amazing you are.
    M’s birthday sounds so fun, I bet you all had smiles on your faces all day xx
    (trying to link up but can’t get it to work)

  5. mummydaddyme Reply

    A lovely happy post full of lots of celebrations. Still amazing what you have done for Kara and Grayson. xx

  6. Emma Day (Crazy with Twins) Reply

    Such a lovely happy post. Massive well done on Snowdon. I found it hard enough coping with the hills on the Cotswold Way! x

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