Happy Dreams Come True

For the last 10 months we’ve been sharing happiness in a monthly roundup. This means at the end of the year we’ll have 12 posts to look back on and read about the good things we’ve enjoyed this year. When we came up with this project we were hoping to improve our happiness by looking for those special moments and little things that make us smile, which sadly so many people miss. Far too many people spend their lives looking down, when if you only looked up, you’d realise we live in a beautiful world with an abundance of happiness all ready for everyone to share.

This month we really felt the happiness pour into our lives, showing us that dreams come true. One of Clara’s friends welcomed a new little life into the world. He is gorgeous and loved and we can’t wait to meet him. My best friend’s due date is today, which means next month we will be celebrating another little life in the world, which makes me even more happy. I love seeing our friends families grow and their love expand. We are the broodiest couple ever and any chance we get to get cuddles with our friends little babies is total joy!

woodland walk

This month we’ve seen huge advances in M’s personality. He’s a very strong willed little boy and has an awesome sense of humour. His vocabulary is growing at a rate I just didn’t know was possible. Our favourite thing to do at bed time is learn new words and have mini conversations about our day’s. He makes me so unbelievably happy that some days I just have to look at his big beautiful brown eyes, to start smiling. He really is a dream come true.

m smile

Speaking of dreams coming true, ever since I was a child I had a dream of visiting America. I had visions of visitng an American diner or exploring an American city and was certain that one day my dream would come true. If you’re not a regular reader than you may not be aware that a couple of months ago we made a video using a GoPro whilst enjoying some adventurous activities. We were attempting to be recognised as the UK’s Most Adventurous Family. There were several other bloggers competing for the title and the reward of a trip to the GoPro Mountain Games in Vaile, Colorado.

gopro camera

We’ve been waiting for weeks to find out who the lucky family were. Both Clara and I had dreamed of winning and packing for the holiday. Then the other day whilst I was at work a little notification from Twitter popped up on my phone saying Congrats. I couldn’t think of any comps I’d entered so I headed to Twitter to find out what the congrats were for. I discovered the Tots100 post announcing the GoPro winner and went into total shock. I couldn’t stop shaking and could hardly talk. A dream that I’d had for over 20 years was going to come true in 2015.

Clara doesn’t have access to her mobile or the internet at work, so M and I waited outside the house for her to arrive at 5. As she pulled up to the house I raised a sign saying “We’ve won” and she instantly knew what I meant. The smile on her face was amazing. We jumped around a bit and then hugged M, who was just happy that he gets to ride on a big rar rar (plane). We are both so grateful to Tots100 for selecting us for the GoPro campaign. We’ve had so much fun making videos and filming our adventures, everything else is just one big bonus.

October is always going to be a happy month for us, as it’s the month we got married and the month we started dating (obviously not all in the same year). This year we celebrated 4 years of marriage and discovered that we can convert our Civil Partnership into Marriage as early as December. We’ve got a party planned for our 5th Wedding Anniversary next year where we plan to celebrate being married in the eyes of the law. We’re saving to move into our own home next year, so celebrations this year were low key and involved a takeaway and a movie. We are both big movie lovers so any chance to enjoy a movie together is a happy evening.

If you’re looking for other folks sharing their happiness, head over to the lovely Lauren who shares her happiness every Sunday and Emily and Hayley who will be sharing their happiness for the whole of November.

We’d really love to know how you’ve been sharing happiness this month. Link up any pictures, posts or vlogs which show the happy you’ve been celebrating.

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  1. Clare Mansell Reply

    Congratulations on winning the trip. You totally deserved it for being such awesome ambassadors for GoPro!

  2. Donna Wishart Reply

    Such a lovely post, chock full of happiness! Huge congrats again on the win x

  3. katy (what katy said) Reply

    What an absolutely happy post!! I don’t even know which bit to comment on as honestly I welled up for most of it. Belated happy anniversary and congratulations on winning! x

  4. Mrs TeePot Reply

    Oh this gave me a huge grin! The happiness is pouring out from this post! Huge congrats on winning such an amazing prize, well deserved!

  5. Katie @mummydaddyme Reply

    So well deserved on the comp guys! Congratulations again! Cannot WAIT to see your posts from Colorado!

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