Happy Mama’s Day!

Happy Mamas Day!

Oh yes, that’s right, we have re-invented the day.

When we were expecting our little Monkey, a few conversations came up, which I’m sure wouldn’t have happened if we were a man and woman. It’s inevitable and didn’t bother us in the slightest.

One of those conversations was about Mothers Day and Fathers Day. Would we share Mother’s Day? What would happen on Father’s Day? Etc. . . Etc. . .

We both agreed straight away we wanted a day each. We want to be able to spoil each other with our little man. Make special cards and buy little presents with him to give to each other in the morning. Making special breakfasts and spending the day celebrating who we are to our son. Yes, we’re both mothers but we each have our own roles with Monkey.

I really wanted to celebrate Mother’s Day and Kirsty was more than happy to celebrate on the same day as Father’s Day, we would have our own special day for Kirsty, called Mama’s Day. There wasn’t any compromising and the decision was very easy for us to make.

We did talk about spending Mama’s day on a completely random day in the year, separate from other celebrations but then we thought of our little man and decided that it would be better for him if we kept it as it was. We started taking about how he would be effected at school when other children make cards for their fathers and we didn’t want to set him apart from the others. We will of course explain to his teachers about our situation and instead of making a ‘Fathers Day’ card, it will be a ‘Mama’s Day’ card.

Some of the other same sex couples we know have chosen to share their day with each other and we think that is great. We think the whole dynamic of different families is brilliant and it’s great to see how each family lives their lives. There are no right or wrong ways of doing things and it’s excellent.

mamas day

I want to say a huge Happy Mama’s Day to my amazing wife. You brighten our days and we love you more than we could ever explain. You are such a wonderful mother to our son and our little Monkey completely adores you.

I hope you had a lovely day and we can’t wait to spend more amazing Mama’s Days with you in the many years to follow. Xx

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  1. Donna Wishart Reply

    I hope the three of you had a lovely Mama’s day! I love your own celebration and it fits perfectly to me. Sorry I didn’t get a chance to say hello, the few times I saw either of you you were deep in conv and I didn’t want to interrupt – next time! x

  2. Caroline Reply

    It’s such a wonderful idea to have a day each. Heterosexual couples enjoy one day per parent so why shouldn’t you 🙂 Happy belated Mama’s Day!

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