A very happy new year

Christmas is now packed away and some normality on our household has resumed. We’ve started the year with some new work arrangements which has meant I am home with M most of the week whilst C is at work full time. Christmas came and went so fast that we missed sharing some of our regular updates. One of these updates we’d enjoyed sharing each month was our happiness post.

family fun

Each month in 2014 we looked at what happiness we could find. We managed to discover something that had made us smile, despite feeling like 2014 was one of our least favourite years. We both lost several people we loved and found some parts of the year quite a struggle with various hospital trips and illness. But like I said, we always discovered something which had made us smile.

family smiles

Our happiness in December was wrapped up in our marriage and time spent in London and with family. We made the most of the time off together and tried to fill as many fun activities into our days with M as possible.

family and mama

As the year drew to an end C and I decided that 2015 would be our year. We were going to make sure it was a very happy new year indeed. Our first decision was to set ourselves a challenge to upload daily vlogs for a year. If you’re interested in following our family adventures, then you can subscribe over on our channel.

We also decided that we’d share our monthly happiness posts in the form of a photo round up on the last day of the month. We are both quite visual people and love capturing moments as they happen, so felt we could share those moments which make us smile.

family playing

Both of us are fully switched on for our health kick we started in 2014. We’ve been listening to our slimpod for months and months now and are seeing huge benefits. This is the year I will run 10 miles in one go and C has set herself the goal of riding the London to Brighton bike ride. So it’s going to be a very active year for us both.

It’s great to start the year feeling like it’s the one for us. We sense lots of change and positivity.

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  1. Innocent Charms Chats Reply

    You girls are so inspiring to me, I will be on track this year thanks to you. I have had so much poo thrown at me already today but I decided go to My Two Mums and have some smiles – so thank you and here is to a year of happiness and VLOGS xx

  2. mummydaddyme Reply

    I am sorry that 2014 was mixed with some tough parts. Here is to a very happy 2015 for the three of you and looking forward to watching more of your vlogs. x

  3. Cariemay Reply

    Happy New Year! I’m sorry 2014 had it’s lows but it sounds like you’ve got some wonderful plans for 2015 and it’s going to be a brilliant year!

  4. Sally Reply

    Happy New Year! I love the idea of the monthly photo round-up, can’t wait to see more.

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