Happy Pinning

Anyone who’s ever had a child will know that it’s not a fast process. From the moment we made the “attempt” until the time we tested, it felt like a lifetime.

Since having seen our lil Button and discovering how big it is, I know there is still a lot of baking to be done.
Which takes time. This leaves me with lots of time to find cute and adorable things online to wrap around our cute and adorable new addition once it arrives.

The only problem with finding lots of things online, is remembering where you found them all, once the lil one makes it’s arrival. Which is where my new obsession comes in.

Pinterest…… I don’t know how I’ve existed without it for so long. I know a lot of you will probably have never heard of this site and neither had I a few months ago but trust me if you love to bookmark and collect ideas, then this site is for you.

I discovered this site a few months ago and due to its somewhat exclusivity it prompts you to request an invite and let’s you stew for a few days before it opens it’s shiny pinning doors. I requested my invite and promptly forgot I had ever found this site. I think my invite got lost in the black hole that is my spam folder and I carried on bookmarking my finds. That was until someone I follow on instagram mentioned their new obsession. Which meant I just had to get in those doors as it would mean I could download another shiny app to procrastinate with. After my IG friend sent me an invite I was in.

I had the golden ticket and I was going to pin the bejesus out of everything.

Pinterest allows you to create a “virtual” board which you assign a topic. For example I have one called mytwomums. You then trek the net grabbing ideas you want to remember and you “virtually” pin the ideas to your board. Other Pinterest peeps can choose to follow your boards, repin ideas, comment or like them. You can view other people’s boards and grab (repin) their ideas for your boards.

I’ve discovered so many cute little bits for Lil Button that I’d never have seen if someone else hadn’t have done the exploring first.

I see it being a great resource for the busy parent. A lot of the boards can assist in ideas for crafts you can do with your children and money saving tips for birthday party’s and decorating nurseries.

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