“Happy to have you back”

For almost the last week I have been staying with my lovely folks to help me recuperate a bit after an operation for my endometriosis.

We were unfortunate that my operation fell on our house move day and decided that due to the discomfort I would be in, it would be easier if I was looked after by my parents for a little bit. Whilst I was with my folks, Clara was busy moving our bed into her mum’s home so that we could stay with her for a few months whilst we find a new home to move to (so much moving!). Plus how awesome are our parents?

So the time came for me to return to my little family and with the help of my folks I surprised our little man at preschool on Thursday afternoon. We enjoyed a few hours together before bedtime and then today (Friday) I got to spend the whole day in his company and was pretty chuffed.


Being away from my little man is really hard and in fact I only missed out on seeing him in person for three days, those three days felt forever. Who knew a little person could change so much in three days?!

He seems so much more confident, has learned even more new words and has been so thoughtful and helpful, asking me how I am all the time. Then this afternoon whilst we were watching Rugrats (his choice, I have taught him well), he stood up, turned to me and said “I’m so happy to have you back”, then sat back down again. I admit it was a lump in the throat moment as I just wasn’t expecting it. But it just makes me think about how fast he is growing, the man he will eventually become and that we aren’t doing too shabby a job in raising a kind, thoughtful young man.

I love the stage our little man is at, in fact, I’ve loved every stage, but this is my favourite so far. I can’t help feeling so very thankful for the little personality he was blessed with as it sure is a beautiful one.

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  1. Donna Wishart Reply

    The stage we are in is always the best stage so far – and I love that. It keeps us focused on the now and not longing for the times that have already been. I’m so glad you had time to rest but it’s lovely to know that you are now all back together again x

  2. SlummySingleMummy Reply

    That is adorable! He is such a sweetie. I hope you feel better soon!

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