Headaches, Heaving & Sacrifices

This week has definitely had its ups and downs. At the weekend we decided to meet some friends in Exeter, which is a 2 hour drive for us. I’ve had trouble in the past with long journeys and morning sickness, but thought this one would be an exception.

How wrong I was!

Exactly an hour and a half into the journey I was asking K to pull over on the only road we’d driven on, without a hard shoulder. Thankfully we noticed one of those emergency pull ins with seconds to spare.

I thought I’d explain what my morning sickness is like. Of course it’s different for everyone but I have found that it doesn’t give me much warning. The other day at work I was on the phone to a client, when I suddenly had to ask if I could call them back as I dashed to the loo.

It starts with a heave that seems to come out of nowhere and can last for a few minutes or hours if I’m really unlucky.

After speaking with other mothers, I’ve realised that mine really isn’t that bad and I’ve got off relatively lightly.

Anyways, enough of the sick talk….

Whilst in Exeter I decided to treat myself to my first Maternity outfits, which I will model in a later blog. I found it really hard to find shops with maternity sections. Which in my eyes is ridiculous and I get very frustrated. However I found H&M were excellent.

After a fab weekend of shopping, I started the working week with a pounding headache that lasted over 24 hours. Which was not fun! In the end I was forced to take some paracetamol, which I had been avoiding. Even though the midwife said its absolutely fine. I just feel bad as what I take, the baby takes. However, I’m no longer a grumpy mummy.

I’ve also made a decision on a sacrifice I’ve had to make this week. I am terminating my gym membership. Which means less swimming (as I’d have to pay each time) but more money for the baby. I’m very lucky to be surrounded by lots of countryside to walk in, which is free. I’m just waiting for the weather to warm up a bit (which I know may take a while).

I’m now starting to put baby’s needs before mine and getting my head round being a real mum. Tomorrow I enter the second trimester and time is flying by so we need to save, save, save.

I’ll leave you with a comparison pic of my baby bump, from 6 weeks to 14 Weeks. You can see I look increasingly tired.

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