Healthy Graze snacks and being mindful

This year Clara and I had a great base to continue our healthy eating and fitness plan we set ourselves at the end of last year. Neither of us had a huge gain over Christmas which meant we were able to pretty much continue getting fit and healthy from where we kind of relaxed a bit over Christmas.

Graze snacks

The fab folks we’ve been working with at Graze very kindly sent us some low calorie snacks to help us continue our mission to reduce our waists. Thanks to Thinking Slimmer we are both eating more mindful this year, but we both enjoy a snack to get us through the day, so it helps to have access to some delicious snacks that contain 100 calories or less.

graze supersnacks

Graze offer the option to request a “Lightbox” of snacks that are 150 calories or less and get it posted to you at work or home. It’s my kind of subscription box, snacks to my door! The handy thing is it takes the decisions out of your hands once you’ve selected the snacks you wouldn’t eat and pops ones you would eat in the post. My favourite from our low calorie selection was the salsa and pitta bread snack, so delicious. At £3.99 for 4 snacks you can curb those trips to the vending machine at work or keep your self topped up after work so that you don’t reach for the biscuit tin.

Graze low calorie snacks

With snacks covered we’ve been working on our sweet cravings, more to the point sugar cravings. This year we started listening to a new Thinking Slimmer pod that is helping us SAY NOT TO SUGAR. We’re on week 3 of listening non stop and I have not had my usual chocolate and peanut butter treat for 17 days and counting and Clara has only had 3 cokes since Jan 1st where she would normally have 2 or 3 a day. We consider this a HUGE change in our world as we found our sugar addictions were the final thing to crack on our health and fitness path.

Mindfulness journal

One thing I have noticed since we started to make changes in our lives was that I was becoming more mindful of my actions and behaviours, something I wanted to track this year. I was very kindly sent a gorgeous Paper Republic Grand Voyageur Leather Travel Notebook (£25) which I have chosen to use as a mindfulness journal. This notebook is the perfect size to pop in a rucksack to take with you to work or out for the day. I have been using it to note down days I practice meditation and share how I am feeling etc.

Have you made any healthy changes this year or are you working on ones you already started to change last year?

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  1. Innocent Charms Chats Reply

    Wow they are huge differences, I have started making little changes but I think I am now feeling ready to make some bigger ones. I love some of the graze snacks I buy them at the till in Sainsburys xx

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