Heartbeats and Hospitals

One thing I’ve learned about our lil monkey is how much of an attention seeker it is.

As mentioned in our previous post Bed rest & Boobs, we’ve had a few scares during this pregnancy.

For the last couple of weeks everything seemed to be going swimmingly. Monkey was proving to be very active and was contorting Clara’s stomach into all manner of shapes.

We often have tummy time at night, where I play the lil monkey one of my favourite tunes and it bounces away perfecting all the latest moves kids are making these days.

The last couple of days have been different. Clara uttered those words you don’t want to hear, “I’m concerned the baby isn’t moving much”.

My thoughts turned to what I remembered someone tweeting recently. “If you notice a change in movement, contact your midwife”.

So we did and they were great.

Within an hour we were at the maternity ward and Clara was strapped up to a monitoring device. The midwife explained that a normal heart rate was considered to be between 110 & 160 and everything looked good.

Almost as soon as the monitor was attached, that sound we are so thankful to hear started.

Our baby has the cutest little heartbeat ever, if I do say so myself.

Twenty minutes of listening to the sweetest sound and we were packed off on our way. We have no idea why the lil monkey was being so quiet. But it’s making up for it now.

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