His first Halloween party

I love Halloween, to the point where I look forward to it all October. M is starting to love it as much as me and luckily Clara is happy to humour my love of the event. Ever since M was born we agreed that we would throw him a Halloween party for him and his school friends as soon as he was old enough to appreciate it. Lucky for him, this was his year.

I created an party invite on Picmonkey, we invited 10 of his friends and I started to buy ALL the Halloween decorations I could. M chose to be a skeleton this year, which was great as it’s become somewhat of a tradition for M to dress as a skeleton since the year he was born. I went for a Dracula costume on the request of M, I wanted to be my standard zombie, but M thought I might scare his friends.

Halloween party

I was really pleased with how the decorations looked once they were up and was satisfied they weren’t too spooky for M’s friends. We’d planned a few games, bought some pizzas and I’d made up party bags for the guests to take with them at the end of the party. At one point I think I was more excited for the party that M, but once his friends started arriving he was racing around with the biggest grin on his face.

scary hand halloween

Halloween spider


haunted door

Wolf Pumpkin

The party was a whirlwind of sugar, sweeties and musical statues and was just perfect. We have already started to think about his next party, possibly hosted in a hall rather than our home.

wizard and skeleton

Did you throw a Halloween party this year?

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  2. More Than Words Reply

    What a great idea to throw a little Halloween party for M and his buds! I’m sure he loved it! As an October baby, I too am a bit obsessed with all things Halloween and I’m slowly turning Gracie into a Halloween fanatic too. Such an adorable skeleton! 🙂

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