Holiday Prep Has Begun

Every year C suffers with SAD a condition that is effected by the level of sun you are exposed to. Living in the UK we don’t get a huge amount of sun during the winter months so by February C is usually desperate for a day full of the bright bursting sun. We usually get to December and wish we were going somewhere warm and sunny for a week, even if it’s just to top up C’s sunlight levels. Well this year we have our wish. C’s family have very kindly invited us on holiday with them for a couple of weeks. Which means we have been in holiday prep mode for the last few weeks.

Monkey and I are currently without passports as mine ran out last year and he is yet to receive his first one. Which has meant frantic visits to the Post Office and our local photo shop. We are all eagerly awaiting the post every day, to see if M and I will be joining everyone on the beach. I am quite confident that all will be ok and they will arrive in true better late than never, fashion.


Now the search for summer clothes for M has begun. We had planned to buy some shorts and tees in the summer sales, but due to funds we just couldn’t do this. So we have been searching round eBay, online stores and friends for someĀ great children’s swimwear and light wear clothes. He’s already into 18-24 months so we’ve been frantically asking friends if any of their little ones were in that size last summer.

We are quite excited to finally use M’s Trunki that his Nanna bought him last Christmas and have even been busy looking atĀ fun swimming aids from Zoggs as M has been practicing his swimming at the local pool. He can now swim the length of the kiddy pool with the aid of his Zoggs armbands. So anything which makes his time in the pool or at the beach more exciting is a huge bonus.

We are both so excited about making this the best first holiday abroad for M. Our Holiday prep is far from over, we now have to try and find clothes for ourselves. I am hoping I have not lost too much weight since I cracked out my summer gear. The bonus of being an adult is that usually last years summer wear is sufficient. Although it does give us a nice excuse to get the odd new item of clothing.

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