A Very Homely Christmas Wishlist

I have finally managed to pin C down and get her to share her very homely Christmas wishlist with me. You can certainly tell I am all about the gadgets whilst C loves a good home appliance. Hopefully next year I will be able to buy her a few things off her list. I quite fancy the Macbook!

Clara's Christmas Wishlist



Macbook Pro 15inch, Argos £2149 – This would come in really useful for editing our vlogs and photos. It something we have talked about saving for, for a long time.

Hunter Wellies, Hunter £89 – Clara has been asking for a pair of Hunter Wellies since we moved to Dorset 3 years ago. I think she is totally feeling the countrylife.

Vitamix Aspire Platinum, Vitamix £439 – We saw this demonstrated at some events we attended at the start of the year and C instantly fell in love. C loves cooking for M and making soups and dips, so something like this would be used almost every day in our household.

Red Kitchenaid Food Mixer, Amazon £375 – This is another appliance I could see C using everyday. She loves baking and the Kitchenaid would speed up her creations, allowing her to make even more. I wouldn’t complain, she’s a great cook.

Malm Kingsize bed, Ikea £380 – We still have our little man in bed with us at some point during the night and he’s not getting any smaller. So a Kingsize bed would allow us a little more room and is something C has wanted way before our little man arrived.

Dyson Ball DC50 Animal, Currys £279.99 – When these were first advertised I can remember C’s eyes lighting up as she turned to me and said “I want one of those”. We have always bought value hoovers from Tesco and Argos when we lived in our own home. I think this is something we will save for once we have our own walls.

Christmas wishlist
iPad Mini 16GB, play.com £223 – We have a family iPad which suffered from a smashed screen at the start of the year. Sadly it’s not been fixed, but it still works. C wants an iPad she can call her own as I’m pretty much on the iPad all the time.

Hybrid Bicycle, Halfords £249.99 – Next year we will be cycling quite a long distance to raise money for Raising For Grayson. C doesn’t own a bike and would really love a Hybrid bike to train and complete our cycle.

Kingsize Duvet , John Lewis £65 – C has always been on the search for the ultimate comfy duvet and a few weeks ago this search was assisted by staying at a friends house. They had the comfiest duvet ever, which C has now added to her Christmas Wishlist.

iPhone 5s, O2 from £79.99 – C wanted this phone they day it was announced. I think between us we have had every iPhone so far. So it’s only fair she gets this one right?

Hopefully I’ll  be able to buy some of these items for C’s birthday next year. I know which one she has her mind set on most. Watch out for M’s Christmas wishlist coming soon. He may have a little help making it.


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  1. Innocent Charms Chats Reply

    Clara and I are very similar, I have a white Kitchenaid, I would never be without it, I love her as do I my Mini although I would like to upgrade her for a 3g version.

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