Hopefully you’ll start seeing less of us

I've had a DVD sitting on our bookshelves collecting dust,for the last few years. Each time I have an ounce of motivation towards getting fit, I look over at the DVD and tell myself i'll start it next week. A few days ago the lovely Charlotte from Write Like No One's Watching, inspired me to dust off the DVD, grab C and her little brother and commit to the 30 Day Shred.

We've both been watching what we eat since we started Porridge on Tuesday, a food plan designed to help you lose weight and keep it off. But we hadn't really made much progression on the exercise front. Each night we walk Monkey to the park and back, but it is never enough to bring a sweat on. C had started to notice she was doing really well losing weight and the scales have been tipping in the right direction. I on the other hand seem to have hit a plateu.

So when I got tweeting with Charlotte about my desire to start the shred. She gave me the virtual kick up the behind that I needed. The first day we pressed play, my mind was already busy telling me I'd made the wrong decision. The exercises seemed to drag on and I was soaked through with sweat by the end.

This morning I woke up and could feel a slight ache in my quads, not enough to make me not want to do day 2, but enough to show me I'd used my muscles well. Once we put M to bed, we changed in to our exercise kit and pressed play. None of us were really in the mood and we just wanted it to be over with.

In 20 minutes it was, we were all surprised. Day 2 had flown by, I'd swore less, kept at the exercises for longer and felt much better by the end. C even noticed she was less red after day two. It's crazy that just one day can make such a difference, but it did. Already I'm looking forward to day three, even if its just to see if it flies by as quickly as day 2.

We both have lots of different reasons, motivating us to get fit and healthy. But our main goal is one we share, we are doing this for our son, we want to live long healthy lives with him and encourage him to live a long healthy life too. So hopefully you'll start seeing less of us.

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  1. Charlotte - Write Like No One's Watching Reply

    Really proud of you both. I’m sorry I’ve been about as supportive as a sausage recently. I’m genuinely chuffed for you both. You are both looking great and I know you can do it. Day five went well for me, I think, just as I feel more comfortable, I’ll have to move up to level two and I’ll probably end up swearing and collapsing in a sweaty heap! xx

  2. Lauren Reply

    I thought this was going to be an announcement of “stepping away from the blog and Twitter a bit”, phew! Worried there for a second.
    Good luck ladies. x

  3. Mrs Teepot Reply

    Good luck with it. I keep meaning to start the shred again but struggled so much with it last time I’m scared to start it again! Must get my butt into gear!

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