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You can find a full list of what we packed in my Hospital bag on this post here.

Before I had Monkey the big emphasis of the 3rd Trimester was the Hospital Bag. I spent countless hours deciding what I should take and it took me weeks until it was finally ready to go. So I thought I would write a review.


Must Haves

X2 Pillows – K and I both used them to help us sleep and for a little home comfort. Really important whilst in hospital.

Maternity Towels and Disposable Pants – I used both. I found the hospitals disposable pants to be too uncomfortable. Mine were Asda’s own and extremely supportive and comfy. You also tend to bleed a lot after birth so maternity towels are a must, pack 3-4 packets.

Snacks – I needed an energy boost during the labour and had packed some Flapjacks. They were really tasty and exactly what I needed to keep me going.

PJs and Dressing Gown – I took 2 sets of baggy pjs and lived in them at the hospital. Felt great to be comfortable, especially during labour.


Wash Bag – I took some shampoo and some shower gel which made me feel more human on day 3.

Toothpaste – Feels amazing to brush your teeth.

Flannel – I was able to wash myself down the morning after the birth and helped to get the surgical tape off my skin.

Socks – Your feet get really cold during labour. I had some fluffy bed socks that made me feel instantly warm and weren’t restricting.

Mobile Phone – To call loved ones after the birth. For support if your partner has to go home. I called K a lot.

Lanolin Cream – This saved my nipples when first learning how to Breastfeed.

Breast Pads – My milk started to come in at the hospital so I needed to wear them for comfort.

Didn’t need

I packed some of my pre maternity clothes to go home in but found I felt more comfortable in my maternity wear. Ended up going home in what I arrived in.

I took a Sudoku book in case I got bored but it really wasn’t needed!

Nursing pillow – I found it uncomfortable to feed with the pillow at the hospital. Although I love it now I needed time to get the hang of using it. My brother did use it to hold Monkey when he came to visit, but other than that it wasn’t used. You may have a different experience.

In the end I think we packed really well. It’s so important to have your home comforts. Where we went wrong is Monkey’s bag, but that will come in a later post.


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  1. Susanne@babyhuddle Reply

    What a great list, thanks for sharing. Its good to see a list of things you didn’t need either, I always pack too much!

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