I married my soulmate.

On the 15th October 2010, I stood in front of roughly 30 of our closest family and friends waiting for a new chapter in my life to begin. I had never been so nervous and I’d performed in front of a hundred or so people at different amateur performances growing up. But this was different, this wasn’t a performance. This was me, standing in front of people I know and love, declaring a deeper love for the most beautiful woman I’d ever had the pleasure to meet.

I’m not someone who wears my emotions on my sleeve, in fact I tend to bury them deep down in my boots. But that smile you see above, plastered on my face, was a smile I couldn’t keep inside. As our carefully selected music started to play and once the bridesmaids has entered the room, I could sense C enter the room. Turning towards her my heart was bursting with love, I was so happy that I was finally going to marry the woman I love.

Our big day wasn’t one of those events that had been planned over years. In fact we planned our whole wedding in roughly 5 months. The organisation of our wedding was one big compromise, I love to be spontaneous where C likes to plan. C organised our wedding with military precision, I perfected the act of nodding in agreement to most suggestions.

We decided we wanted to go for a shabby chic theme as our location was a beautiful inn set in a gorgeous part of Dorset. Our budget wasn’t very big and weddings can be expensive, so we sourced a lot of accessories and table centrepieces ourselves. My favourite item we discovered were two retro sweet jars in a charity shop, which we filled with old school Bon bons. As each week passed, we managed to tick off another box. You have no idea how many things you have to think of before you actually start planning a wedding.

I loved watching ideas we discussed, becoming reality. I had a crazy idea about small martini glasses with jelly beans as favours. After a trip to Ikea and raiding the local Julian Graves for every jelly bean they had in stock, the favours took shape. The only problem with them was that at the wedding nobody knew they could take them home, so we were left with about 20 mini glasses.

Another success was our cupcake stack and Victoria sponge. Neither C or I are fans of traditional wedding cake. We managed to find a lovely local lady who bakes as Lulubelles Cakes , she took our brief and gave us what we wanted and more. Again we were left with several cupcakes as they looked so good that people didn’t want to ruin the display.

In all, the day couldn’t have been more amazing if we’d tried. The weather was not too hot and not too cold, which was great for October. Every moment of the day was special for one reason or another. The best thing of all was that I finally got to say, “Let me introduce you to my wife”

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  1. 2aussiemammas Reply

    I seriously had a bit of a teary reading this, how beautiful. It looks like it was a gorgeous day 🙂

    I may seriously have to borrow this idea for my blog, would that be ok?

  2. CJ Reply

    Love this!! Our wedding is approaching in November and I can’t wait! What a beautiful event and a heartfelt post!

  3. Carley Reply

    Your wedding looks so intimate and beautiful, and you both look so relaxed and proud. So nice to have a glimpse into your big day. xx

  4. Purplemum Reply

    What a beautiful post. Your pictures are stunning and your wedding sounds great. Have a wonderful life together.

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