I think I’m going to like it here.

Last weekend Kirsty & I went for a tour of our maternity ward. I called up a week in advance & the lovely receptionist booked us in. I thought we might have to wait a few weeks due to availability or they may have asked us to come when I was a little further along but they didn’t even ask, which was great.

When we got to the ward there was already another couple waiting outside, who couldn’t have been much further along than us as her bump was about the same size as mine, so that put my mind at ease about visiting so early. We are completely booked up every weekend in May so we didn’t want to risk not being able to see it. We were then joined by another couple who were very bubbly & very far along. When I asked how long they had left they said 6 weeks! I was shocked they’d left it so late but they said they already had a little one at home so knew how it all worked lol.

So at 2:30 this lovely midwife came out & explained that they split the ward into 2 sections. How they determine which side you are on depends on where in the county you live. We will be on the right side of the ward, which we hear is the ‘posh’ side, so I’m not complaining haha.

I was really impressed. As a whole the ward has 33 single labour rooms all with private bathrooms, 2 triple bed antenatal rooms & 2 postnatal rooms each with 4 beds in, however they did say that they will try to keep us in our single rooms for as long as possible, depending if they are busy or not.

We saw the operating theatre, they only have the one on the ward but the midwife explained that it is very rare that 2 women need an emergency c-section at the same time.

They also have 2 single recovery rooms for women after a c-section & 1 pool room. I am quite anxious that there is only one birthing pool as I hope to have a water birth, however I am staying positive & keeping my fingers crossed that it will be free on the day. If the pool isn’t free I’m not gong to worry too much as there are baths in every room & I can try to stay in there for as long as possible before I have to move to the bed to push.

If we do end up having a water birth I’ll be very happy, especially as Kirsty has now decided that she would like to get in with me for the duration & will get out just before baby arrives.

The midwife explained everything from parking to how to get onto the ward in the evening. She also explained that they supply formula so if I can’t breast feed, we don’t have to panic & send someone to buy milk for bubba.

I’m feeling really positive about the labour & I know that I am in good hands, I just can’t wait to get in there for real.

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  1. S And L Reply

    Hope you dont mind me posting this but it’s something I notice women say quite a lot….you absolutely don’t have to move to the bed to push. Babies are born rather beautifully with their mum standing, kneeling, on all fours on the floor, lying in the bath, sitting on the toilet and any other position you can think of. Your body needs gravity to help it ease your baby out, so please don’t think you need to lie flat on your back on a bed, working against your body’s natural rythym, to push your baby out, and don’t let anyone tell you that either!

    L xx

    • MytwoMums Reply

      Oh yeah lol we know. I just meant it hypothetically. Although I think if you see the size of the bathroom it would make you laugh thinking about how we would all fit in there lol. We’re staying completely open when it comes to giving birth. I really want to have a water birth though, I’m just gonna keep my fingers crossed. I can’t stand it when you see programmes with women who refuse everything & put stress on their baby. Makes me very sad.

      Hope you are both well?

      C x

  2. MytwoMums Reply

    Ooooooo when are you visiting?

    Thanks, we think your bump is coming along very nicely too! Can’t believe how close we are to meeting our little ones.

    C x

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