Ikea Makeover and Magazine Feature

Our blog has provided us with so many fantastic opportunities. Working with Mamas and Papas on their Urbo How we roll feature that showed same sex parents was a huge highlight of 2012. So when Ikea contacted us and asked if we would like an Ikea makeover and to be featured in their Living magazine we couldn’t refuse.

Last year we were living in C’s parents loft and it was in major need of a colour injection and some storage. Over a couple of days the lovely Ikea team, including the fab stylist Pernilla Warnhammar visited our home and turned it into something fabulous. You can check out the full makeover on their Ikea Living site.


The whole team was so lovely and M took to Pernilla like he’d known her forever. Watching the team work was really impressive and I really enjoyed watching the final styling and photography, even if I did have lens envy. We feel so proud to be part of a feature which will enable us to show M that his family are featured in the media as regular families should be.

Ikea living C and M


Photo credit:Β Adrian Briscoe

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  1. Claire Reply

    Wow! Well done! I am so jealous of the Ikea makeover too!

    More importantly, well done for helping to put all different types of family in the media in a positive image.

    I love Ikea even more now for doing this campaign! πŸ™‚ xxx

  2. justanormalmummy Reply

    Amazing – you guys are media pros these days lol x totes jealous of your makeover too… gorgeous photos as well! xx

  3. Lauren Reply

    So proud of you for being involved in this.
    The room looks amazing, as do all of you. Can’t believe how small Monkey was then! x

  4. mummydaddyme Reply

    Ah lovely to finally see this properly! Amazing ladies, I am super jealous of the fact you got to work with Ikea. Basically I would like to just live in Ikea, how amazing would that be? The best house ever! x

  5. Capture by Lucy Reply

    So fresh and vibrant – green is my favourite! You should definitely frame the magazine! xx

  6. Donna Wishart Reply

    Wow, amazing space! Love the light, the leaves on the wall and the slanted ceilings. What an awesome opportunity! Thanks for sharing x

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