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I’m going to hold my hands up and say that I have been the crappiest blogger these last few months. My poor wife has been holding up the fort all this time waiting for me to feel the blogging love again and she has been doing a wonderful job. I’ve loved reading her posts and looking at her wonderful photography. She’s such a talented person and I love her so much for being so patient with me.

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I’m sure we all go through it at some point and I honestly can’t tell you why it happened or when it happened but when I sit behind the computer to write a post, I just get a mental block.

Last September I went back to work after 2 years at home looking after Monkey. I found it quite tough being away from M at first and I often had small panic attacks because I was so worried I would be missing so much of his life. I still feel this way sometimes, when I’m having a tough day. Thankfully though I love my job and I am so very lucky to work with some amazing people.

I also found 2014 very challenging, it was one of those years that I am very happy to put behind me. We lost people who meant a great deal to us and in all honesty I didn’t take it very well. I’m still struggling with the knowledge that I will never get the chance to laugh with my friend again and I battle with myself for living so far away whilst he was unwell. I want just one more evening with him where I wouldn’t have to say goodbye for the last time.

I think this has contributed to my lack of enthusiasm for blogging in a small way. I love sharing my life with you all and I am so grateful to you all for taking the time to read about our lives but I didn’t feel up to sharing this with you until now because I took it so badly.

This year I’m making it my mission to get things done and to get our life back on the right path. We’ve started vlogging our life daily on YouTube and I’m loving it. I love watching the footage of Monkey everyday, he’s turning into a wonderful little boy with such a kind heart. Even when times were bad, he made it all better.

So I’m back and ready to write. I hope you can all forgive me and I promise not to disappear like that again.

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  1. Donna Wishart Reply

    Your readers will be here whenever you write and they won’t hold it against you when you don’t. Rain, shine or the grey area in between, there will always be people right there with you x

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