The Importance of Role Models

I long to live in a world where “Coming out” is not such big news. Where we aren’t forced to question our sexuality and make some form of announcement if we wish our nearest and dearest to know who floats our boat. It would please me no end if future media publications didn’t report on stories with “Lesbian Ellen makes TV History” and that sexuality plays no part in every day discussion, unless YOU chose this to be the topic. But something I do feel important is the importance of role models who do chose to confirm their sexuality. I think people in a position that children, teenagers and even adults look up to should be supported if they wish to make known their sexuality.

It is in no way easy to discuss your sexuality with your family and friends *unless they are VERY close or  liberal*. Because what you are saying when you declare your sexuality, is very personal. You are stating that you have a sexual interest in that gender, which trust me, can make you feel incredibly uncomfortable when coming out, especially if you are not used to talking about sex with friends or family. So imagine coming out to a group of friends, or a classroom, or even a nation, it takes guts and should be highly respected.


Today I became aware of a video Tom Daley has released stating he is in a relationship with a guy. I have so much respect for the young man as he has an incredibly large fan base that could certainly include people who don’t agree with a gay lifestyle. Because of the level of interest in Tom’s life, it has no doubt been an incredible pressure to him to feel like he would be scrutinised.

I hope people continue to fully support those who are willing to stand up and express who they love, because it could help people to gain the confidence to live the life they desire. Our future generations need role models who say, “Hey, it’s ok to be Gay”. Because one day I hope it’s not news and that people don’t bat an eyelid. Because everyone will know that who you love is nobody’s business but the person you’re loving.


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