International Geocaching Day 2017

Since we got Beau we’ve been on the search for longer more interesting hikes than the ones we are used to taking M on. Beau is the kind of dog that really needs a walk that wears him out as he’s quite a bouncy pup. The more logs he can jump over or hidden holes he can rush into, the better.

On Saturday we headed out not realising it was International Geocaching Day. By chance I opened my Geocaching app on my phone and spotted a cache about 350 meters from where we were exploring. As we got deeper into the woods we found giant fallen trees to climb, dens that previous visitors had built and lots of perfect sticks for M to chase.

Up the tree geocaching

The woods we visited are beautiful in the Spring and turn into a giant Bluebell wood, which I’ve promised to take Clara back to next year. M and I discovered the woods by chance last year when we visited to find another cache.

Geocaching up a tree

geocaching in the woods

The geocache we found was part of a series and was created to inspire people to visit the woods during the bluebell season, but there is still lots of fun to be had the rest of the year. It was really nice feeling like we were off the beaten track whilst we searched for the cache. As we got closer to ground zero I reached for a stick to help me clear debris to search for the cache and ended up discovering the cache itself.

Beau geocaching

The cache was a small micro with a little star charm inside it, so we took it as a swap and left some coins in it’s place. We then headed out of the woods and back to the car, full of smiles and a desire to return on another day.

Finding the geocache

Geocaching Kids Mama and M

Has geocaching taken you on any fun adventures lately? Did you manage to find a geocache on International Geocaching Day?

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