Into the Woodland Trust woods.

As a family, we have always been drawn to the woods. There is something special about being surrounded by nature and wildlife and we always have so much fun in the woods. We are surrounded by lots of gorgeous woodland here in Dorset, including many Woodland Trust woods. The Woodland Trust are pretty awesome as they are Britain’s largest charity protecting our woodland and the wildlife that live there.

In July The Woodland Trust launched their new family membership. When you sign up your children get a super Nature detectives welcome folder and activity booklet, plus bookmark, nature passport and stickers. Each pack is tailored to your child’s age. The grown ups receive a directory of Woodland Trust woods, a unique guide to native British trees and several other goodies. By signing up you are helping protect the countryside by allow the funds to be used to buy threatened woods to save them from destruction by relentless development and changes in farming.

As part of the Nature Detectives campaign with Woodland Trust, our little man was sent a fab nature detectives pack of his own, which we’ll be writing about in a separate post. M was keen to get his detective head on as soon as it arrived, so we searched for a local Woodland Trust wood online and were excited to discover we had one nearby our village.

Hidden between two residential areas, we were impressed to find the cutest little wood we’d visited in a while. An information board at the entrance explained that the woods were used by local schools, which we thought was a great idea. Inside M ran off and discovered some seats made out of logs, a bug hotel and plenty of old logs to explore. His little eyes were so wide as we asked him to spot items we’d written on a home made checklist. Trees, bugs and birds were high on the discovery list.

We’ve told M we will be returning to explore the woods again soon as we feel it’s important to make use of the woods being supported by such a fantastic charity. Plus we’ve found another Woodland Trust wood, a couple of miles away that we hope to visit in the next few weeks.

If your little one’s want to become Nature Detectives at the same time as helping to protect the countryside, memberships starts from just £5 per month for one child and £6 a month for two children.

This post is written as part of a paid campaign with Woodlands Trust. All views and opinions are our own.

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  1. Coombe Mill (Fiona) Reply

    I love the idea of nature detectives. Those woods look delightful and what a joy to come across that fully stocked bug hotel. We have just made one at Coombe Mill based on the same palette system, I hope there were plenty of bugs taking residents in this one. Thank you for sharing your nature detectives walk on Country Kids

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