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December is now upon us and for many it’s time to start thinking about decorating your home for the festive season and this year we have teamed up with Wayfair to show you the latest trend this holiday.

As part of the Wayfair ‘Home Experts’ team we were tasked with re-creating an ‘Into the Woods’ themed Christmas by swapping our ‘traditional’ decorations for a more rustic look.

At the beginning of November we purchased a beautiful Maze Bookcase from Wayfair, which sat all boxed up and lonely in our hallway as we just didn’t know where to place it. Sometimes you just have to buy something impulsively, just because you have to have it. So we decided to use our ‘Into the Woods’ themed decorations to bring it to life and I absolutely adore the result. This is what we came up with.

Our Purchases

Twig Snowflake Garland

We have never purchased a garland before, mainly because we’ve never had a mantle place to drape it over. My idea of a traditional garland is large and extravagant and the centrepiece of the living room, after the Christmas tree that is. However, following the ‘Into the Woods’ trend we decided to take the plunge and purchased this beautiful Twig Snowflake Garland top sit on top of the bookcase.

Wayfair Christmas

I absolutely love the look of this garland as it really looks as though it’s been taken from a woodland area and brought into the home but with a little added sparkle to it for a truly festive touch. It is adorned with pine cones, snowflakes and fake snow and really does bring this theme of ‘Into the Woods’ alive.

Bead Berry Spray Branch

Going down the road of a wintery rustic look, I decided to add depth to the design and incorporate the idea of branches a little more and purchased this set of Bead Berry Spray Branches, which I have placed inside an old white vase, which has sat empty for a long time, so it’s lovely to incorporate my old with my new.

Wayfair Berry

I wanted a splash of colour to sit among the icy white and brown tones of the woodland theme and I think the red berries just pop! I think they are simple but oh so effective.

Pre-Lit Star and Heart Wood Christmas Tree Table Decoration

It wouldn’t feel like Christmas without a Christmas tree and I just couldn’t resist this Pre-Lit Star and Heart Wood Christmas Tree table decoration.

Wayfair Into the Woods Books

I adore the design with the hearts and snowflakes embedded into the tree itself, then with the little string of stars running through the middle. I also like how the tree only gives off a very low light, almost as if it’s fading into the background but at the same time standing tall and proud. We stayed true to the ‘Into the Woods’ theme by adding a wooden ornament and I think it fits extremely well with the other, more rustic elements and breaks it up a little and adds a little bit of diversity, which is what we’re all about.

Christmas Hare and Reindeer Snow Framed Prints

Last but by no means least, quite possibly my favourite purchase of the entire year, not just this festive season are these beautiful Christmas Hare and Reindeer Snow framed prints, which are set in a Walnut frame.

Wayfair Into the Woods

As part of the theme we were tasked with incorporating dark and inky hues and I think these framed prints hit the brief perfectly. I just adore the contrast of the frame verses the prints with that mix of white, grey and blue, which really gives you the sensation of the wintery, bitter cold, surrounded by the warming dark walnut wood. Again I also love how the frame is a completely different shade of wood, which gives yet more depth.

Also, no ‘Into the Woods’ theme would be complete without woodland creatures and as soon as I saw these prints, especially the Hare, I just knew they would finish off the design perfectly.

My Thoughts

It would shock you if you knew how long I sat and scrolled through the abundance of choices Wayfair have to offer this Christmas, but I finally made a decision and I’ll admit I was a little bit anxious as to how I would bring all the individual pieces together but I just adore the finished product.

I just love this trend of incorporating the true essence of a wintery, rustic and natural looking Christmas into our home and I just love how truly warming it is. Each time I walk into the living room and I look at my new bookcase, I just smile and stand and admire it for a short while.

Woodland Wayfair little house

I also wanted to say how important it is to add a little bit of ‘you’ into a new theme. We love low mellow light in our living room at night as it makes you feel all cosy so we decided to wrap the garland in a wire light and Kirsty added two little ornaments from our decorations we’d already purchased in the year to add yet more light for the evening and I think they work very well and fit into the rustic look.

Into the Woods Wayfair

I really enjoyed putting this together and I’ve now commandeered the armchair sitting alongside it, so I can soak in the Christmas feeling each night.

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