Is it real life?

I am a sucker for a beautiful blog. I love gorgeous full, page width images that show fantastic family adventures or capture memorable moments. Some of my favourite blogs are food blogs, more specifically those who go to amazing pop up restaurants or sample foods around the world. If a blog doesn’t capture me with the first image, I find it very hard to keep on reading no matter how hard I try. But that’s me, that’s just what I like, I like to escape into the words and images someone else has decided to share. It’s a bit like why I adore reading, because the author has created some beautiful imagery with their words that I can forget the world I am sat in and live within the fantasty world they wish me to.

But lately I see so many people complaining that it’s not real life. I’ve even had someone question me when I told them I blogged about my family, “Is it real life though?” they hesitantly asked. Now there are blogs out there that claim to share real life as it happens, swears, cider and dirty nappies. But there are also those that chose to share the polished posed moments that make them smile, that make up their virtual diaries and that draw in a readership looking to escape to the ideal of a “perfect life”.

real life

I am guilty of expressing my opinion in the past in regards to those whom continually portrayed a “perfect life” when things were less so. But those times have changed, I’ve learned not to judge and feel that if it’s your space online and it’s not harming anyone you should be able to portray your own perfect life. Just as much as those who feel they want to share the bad times, the vomit in the car moments and the mishaps in relationships.

A blog is a very small fraction of who we are as people. To many Clara and I are a perfectly happy couple who are always smiling and having fun. But in reality we argue just as much as the next couple, we have sad moments, angry moments and annoy the hell out of each other at least twice a week, but what we share are the moments that make us smile, the ones we like to look back on.

So is it real life? Of course, this is the life we live, but never forget there is 98% of our lives we choose not to share. Never look at a blog and the life that is portrayed within it and wish you were as happy as them or did as much as they did because to be honest, you just never know what moments they don’t capture.


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  1. Nickie Reply

    Lots to say on this… but I’ll try and be brief. It’s the same as the vloggers say – you only see 15 minutes (or whatever) of their lives – and it’s the bits they *CHOOSE* to share with you. Everything online is a snippet of “real life” and most of it is uploaded through choice. I wish new(er) users of social media and readers of blogs/watchers of vlogs realised that.

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